✨shiny shiny new url✨

shiny shiny new url | chainyan.co
Hello friends! Welcome to my blog's new home! If you've been following me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, then you already knew about this big change that was coming. But if not....SURPRISE! 🙈

After more than 4 years, I've decided to say goodbye to the name 'ohmylittlegirl'. The truth is, I've been wanting to do this for more than a year now, but couldn't do so because I've already put a lot of work into building up that name. 😔 These past few months though, the feeling of wanting to change my blog name (and all my other SNS names) just grew stronger. I felt that this only meant I'd already grown out of the name 'ohmylittlegirl'. That's when I thought, "ah, it's time." 😌

Since I first created this online space in May 2010, I thought it was only right to choose this month to start anew as well. The new blog name and name—which is now also my new IG and Twitter name—is now ✨Chainyan✨~! A handful of close friends know this as one of my nicknames. Although I jokingly/lovingly call this my 'weeb name' lol! 🙈 I thought it was only right to choose this name because 1) it has my name, 2) it fits perfectly with my Japanese pop culture + kawaii culture loving self, and 3) in Japan, 'nyan' is the sound that cats make. Perfect! I hesitated a lot though, because really, what kind of grown-ass woman uses 'nyan' in her name?? Then I realized, Kojima Haruna does!! If she can get away with it, then so can I, right?? Right???? (I apologize in advance to all the Kojiharu fans who might read this.)

Now that I'm using my weeb name though, I'm hoping I'll be able to write more about weeb things lol! Stuff like ACG events, current favorite anime and manga, merch wishlists, etc! Just the thought is making me excited!

The only issue I have with the new name now, I think, is the slight embarrassment whenever I have to introduce myself at blogger events! 😂 Just imagining having to say 'nyan' everytime is making me slightly nervous already! 💦

Though I'm essentially ~*~rebranding~*~ my blog, the content will be mostly the same. I've always said this—my blog will always be, first and foremost, a personal blog. I hope that everyone who's come to like me as 'ohmylittlegirl' would continue to stick around, even with the new name. 😌💕