project 365 : days 127 - 140

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Day 127/365 – KBBQ dinner at the usual place

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Day 128/365 – Free high fives
Day 129/365 – Sheet masks during summer = heaven

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Day 130/365 – Blep

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Day 131/365 – Trying out oolong milk tea for the first time

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Day 132/365 – Stray kitty feeling slightly better (she was sick a few days before this)

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Day 133/365 – My lolo walking my tita down the aisle at her wedding

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Day 134/365 – Pretty hydrangeas

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Day 135/365 – Cute baby Jakejake

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Day 136/365 – Sleepy Mimi

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Day 137/365 – Club Clio grand opening at Trinoma

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Day 138/365 – Jake and Mong sharing a box

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Day 139/365 – That feeling when you need to go to the bathroom but can't

project 365 |
Day 140/365 – Box-ception + Jake in the middle

Two week's worth of photos from my cat lady life. Things that made me happy the past two weeks:
  1. Having KBBQ at Soban K-Town. Third time's a charm!
  2. Finally watched Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society and Innocence with Aian. We're thinking of seeing Arise as well, but a lot of friends advise against it so we're not sure yet lol.
  3. Slow, steady days with my sheet masks and derpy babycats.
  4. Milk tea on an unbearably hot and humid day.
  5. My aunt had her wedding on the 13th at Villa Ibarra, Tagaytay. The motif was blue, but I was asked to wear teal because I had a small role during the wedding rites (lighting the candle). Everything was so pretty. I especially loved the reception hall because there were hydrangeas everywhere. If you haven't already noticed, hydrangeas are my favorite flower. My cousin told me to take a few bouquets home because they were probably going to just throw them away after the wedding anyway, so I did. I took home two big bouquets and transferred them in a pot at home
  6. While I was away, Aian bought collars for everyone! Only two of our cats had collars at the time, so he bought some for the ones without. Plus one, because Aian thought only one of them still had a collar lol. They're all different colors, it's so cute. They also all have bells so when they start running around it's SO NOISY lol. But it's cute so it's okay.
  7. Last May 17th, Mimi celebrated his 3rd birthday! We say "birthday", but it's actually the day when we took him in. The dates for all our rescue babies are the dates when we took them in. For Mimi, it's been three years since we first found him ♥
  8. That same day, I was invited to Club Clio's grand launch in Manila and VIP shopping party for bloggers. Clio, Peripera, Goodal heaven!! I posted about it on Instagram previously, but I'll put up a separate post about it soon!
  9. Finally got to try the Master songs with swing notes on LLSIF! It's hard to even get a C combo but they're fun!
  10. It's gotten hotter these past few days so Aian turned the aircon's temperature down again. 24 degrees is already too cold for me, good thing the babycats are there to keep my feet and legs warm lol!
  11. Aian and I started watching Crime Scene 2 (for Hani heheh) and it's sooo good. It's fun trying to figure out who the criminal is each episode. But more importantly, Hani's reactions in this show are the best lol 👌🏻
  12. We've also been watching American Gods recently. So good, but that's to be expected of something created by Neil Gaiman. My only concern is that I'm too weak against bloody scenes, so I find myself always looking away during those parts ;;
  13. Currently listening to: Sheena Ringo on repeat.

What was the highlight of your week?

To have a better appreciation of life's moments, no matter how mundane, my 365 day challenge for 2017 is to take photos every day of the year, and at the same time write a list of things that have made me happy recently.