project 365 : days 57 - 63

Hey everyone! This post is a few days late again. Lately I've been having a hard time writing my happy lists. I'm super forgetful, so a lot of things that happen over the week tend to slip my mind. Starting today I'll try to write things down on post-its as they happen, so I don't have to rack my brain whenever I make my 52 posts. With that, here's week 9 of 52!

project 365 |
Day 57 – Katsucurry at Yabu

project 365 |
Day 58 – Ame trying to fit his butt inside one of my makeup bags

project 365 |
Day 59 – Tacos at my mom's (I like to eat them like this, heh)

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Day 60 – Was curious about this series so I tried watching a couple of episodes. I'm not sure if I'll continue because it's a bit too much for my short attention span.... which is too bad because I really like Kumota Haruko-sensei's works.

project 365 |
Day 61 – New kitten that found its way to Aian's place. This place has become a stray cat magnet..

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Day 62 – Bright green eyes

project 365 |
Day 63 – Korean BBQ at Soban K-Town Grill, a new KBBQ place in ATC

Things that made me happy recently:
  1. Celebrating Aian's birthday! We had dinner with his family at Yabu. It's been a while since I had their curry. Though I had a hard time finishing it because I am a baby and can't handle their "Regular" level of spiciness (still too spicy for me).
  2. Celebrating Aian's birthday (again) with pizza and mojos!
  3. Aqours' First Love Live was held on the 25th and 26th. Aian and I didn't watch, because we just aren't that into Aqours as we are into μ's. But I did get to see Guilty Kiss in costume – that's more than enough! I'll just wait for the DVD to come out~
  4. Having tacos for both lunch and dinner, just because I can.
  5. Spying on and playing with other people's kitties using the Petcube app! I talked about Petcube in detail here – check the post if you want to learn how to play with kitties (or puppers!) using your smartphone. It's my new hobby! I even made a bunch of friends try it and now they're addicted LOL
  6. Watching the latest episodes of ACCA and Zaregoto: Kubikiri Cycle. SO GOOD. The developments in both series are giving me so much stress because the episodes end whenever it starts getting good, and every time it's like I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Now we have to wait another week/month for the next one..
  7. There's a new stray kitten that's been hanging around Aian's apartment. Since the tuxedo kitty hadn't been sleeping in his box anymore when she came, this kitty, a calico, took his place. She's still pretty small, probably one or two months old? Her eyes are still blue, so I can't tell. She's super sweet. I'll try to look for a home for her as well.
  8. I got my bangs trimmed! I put up with the long bangs because I didn't want to cut them myself anymore, but I'd been wanting to cut them short since last month. I finally had them cut last Saturday. I have choppy bangs now!
  9. Having Korean BBQ for dinner! Ever since ATC changed their closing time to 9PM, it's become harder to find places to eat dinner. There's always Yushoken at Molito, but at the time we all just wanted to eat rice. Just as we were walking to Molito, we saw the huge tarp for Soban K-Town Grill, so we decided to eat there instead. For ~P400 per person, including unlimited rice and side dishes (including the lettuce for ssam!), the place isn't bad at all!! In fact, we liked this place better than Go!Kizip or Biwon. We'll be visiting this place whenever we crave for KBBQ from now on!

What was the highlight of your week?

To have a better appreciation of life's moments, no matter how mundane, my 365 day challenge for 2017 is to take photos every day of the year, and at the same time write a list of things that have made me happy recently.