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Hey everyone – happy March! I'm a bit late in welcoming the new month because the last one felt so short! Why does February only have 28 days?? I could have used a couple more days for all the backlog I need to work on.. Anyway. For today's post, I'll be doing another unboxing! (Although you can already see the contents in the photo below, lol.)

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co
This box of goodies is actually a care package / late Christmas gift from my dear friend Kang of Seishun Kakumei ♥ I don't know what possessed her to give me THIS MUCH STUFF but I'm super thankful!! I'll be showing the contents of the box, but I won't be reviewing them right now. I actually still haven't tried any of these yet (other than the Melano CC, which I've been using since last year) since she gave me this last month because I wanted to post about them first, lol. So here we go!

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co
Pretty pink box! (I put the flower there to cover the shop name printed on the box LOL)

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co
There's even a ~*~love letter~*~ inside the box, but I can't let you read it heheh

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co
Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask
I've heard nothing but praises for this particular mask from r/AsianBeauty and Fiddy of Fifty Shades of Snail, so I was super excited when Kang told me she'd give me one of hers. This is supposed to provide intense hydration and immediate brightening – both of which I badly need. Can't wait to try it out!

Leaders Insolution Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask
I actually know nothing about Leaders, other than that they make sheet masks and that they have Mamamoo as their brand ambassadors. It says on the package that this mask provides whitening, for radiant and youthful skin. I love whitening and brightening products because dark spots are my number one skin problem. Being my skin twin, Kang knows me all too well! ; v ;

Pure Smile Choosy Art Lip Pack (Rainbow Kiss)
This is a product that I've seen around a lot, but I'm not sure what it is. It's a lip pack..? So, a sheet mask for your lips? I have no idea. I'm guessing it'll come in handy when I get super dry and chapped lips. It looks cute on the packaging, so I'm quite curious!

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
I've been wanting to try out Fiddy's ~*~Super Pore Killer~*~ method of getting rid of sebaceous filaments ever since I read about it on her blog, but never got around to doing it because I was missing one item, which is a clay mask. This particular one is what Fiddy recommends, but I think just about any clay mask will do. The Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask was one of the products I forgot to buy while I was in KL (I panicked at Innisfree and only managed to buy a handful of things), so I'd planned to get it in the future. Kang surprised me by telling me not to buy it yet LOL. She gave me a bunch of samples to try!

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack
Seems like an ordinary pore strip, but maybe it has the same sebum control properties as the rest of Innisfree's Jeju Volcanic line? I'm hesitant to use things like pore strips or peel-off masks as I have dermatographia (aka skin writing), so I might just give it to Aian.

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co
Rohto Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence
As I mentioned earlier, I've been using this product since June (?) last year. You might have seen it in my product empties post for the 2nd half of 2016. I hadn't completely emptied it then, but I was very close. Kang and I were talking about Vitamin C serums for dark spots, so I recommended this to her. We asked our friend (Satsunyan!) to buy this for us in Japan, but I didn't know Kang would actually gift one to me!! (Hi Kang, if you're reading this pls let me know if I should pay for it!!)

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co
Peripera Peri's Ink the Velvet #08 Pretty Coral
The Ink the Velvet tints were something I'd been wanting to try for a while now, so I asked Kang to add it to her Althea order since she'd already planned on ordering at the time. I actually wanted #07 Dollish Beige Rose, but it was sold out at the time (as it usually is), so I got this one instead. Though I'm pretty sure I was supposed to pay for this one as well???? Why is this included in my care package???? (Again, pls let me know if I should pay for this one also huhuhuhu)

And that's it! To be honest I still don't know which one I should try first. There's just so many that I can't choose!! (I'm most excited about the Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask, but I feel like I'd probably end up saving that one for last.) Again, super thank you to my love Kang for all these AB goodies ♥ I'll be sure to make and give you my own care package in return * u *

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co
(Love you mare, mag-blog ka na pls, ty!! *kissy emoji*)

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