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Map to Mars top
Uniqlo skirt
Off-brand socks
Asian Vogue creepers
Izzoshop camera bag
Dark~Sweet~Soul choker

Outfit post from two years ago! I used to be so cute ; v ; This post has been sleeping in my drafts for so long, I don't even remember where I went or what I did that day. (I brought my camera bag.. maybe I was off to take photos somewhere?) This is what I look like in my ~normal~ clothes! If I'm going out to meet friends or to attend an event, I usually look a bit more dolled up than this. If I'm meeting with family, I dress down. It's not that they don't like me dressing the way I do, I just prefer being low-key when I'm out with family. It all sounds a bit complicated, but I've gotten so used to it after doing it for so long. I guess it's a lot like Switch Girl!!, but instead of just having two modes, Off and On, I have four – Off, Low, Medium, and High, hahaha! /slapped