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I planned on doing a roundup post for January, but when I checked my photos I realized they were mostly ones I'd already shared for my Project 365. Other than a handful of photos, I don't have anything else to show for last month, so I thought I'd just carry those over to next month's post. For now, here are some of the things I've been into lately!

Nothing, which is A Very Bad Thing considering I plan on taking the JLPT on December. Open those Nihongo books, self!!

life lately |
You probably already know this (because I haven't stopped talking about it since I started watching it), but I've been watching ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka. I was initially drawn in by the art style, but the story's getting more and more interesting with each episode.

I also plan to watch Fune wo Amu (the movie, not the anime) soon. I still have not watched Moonrise Kingdom, even though I have it on my netbook. I'm trying to find the right timing to watch it, because I want to be able to watch it without distractions.

Listening to
I've been listening to OO by Zion.T non-stop since it dropped. All the songs are pretty chill so they're nice to listen to while working. It's hard to choose a favorite, but I really like Cinema and The Bad Guys. Complex is really good too! I've always liked GD's solo stuff, especially Coup d'Etat, which Zion.T was also part of, so I was looking forward to this collab when I learned about it.

Other than LL!SIF, nothing at the moment. I've been really itching to play a nice MMORPG lately though! I want to get back into Blade and Soul, but my tiny netbook's specs can't handle such a graphics-heavy game. I tried re-installing Avabel Online and Toram Online on my phone but I got bored after a while. I really want to play Ragnarok Online, or something similar. I first played RO in high school, so I was still an MMORPG noob and didn't know anything about proper character builds. I feel like I'd probably do a better job this time. The thing is, these days I've been choosing long-range classes (like my Force Master on B&S), and I've never played a mage in RO, so I'm quite curious as to how that'll turn out. Not that I can install RO on my netbook though, cry.

Needing / Wanting / Coveting
Kotobukiya recently announced a re-release of the ARTFX J Mononoke Medicine Seller figure, and I screamed a little bit when I saw the news because I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. Mononoke is my favorite anime of all time and Kusuriuri (medicine seller) is the only anime character I've ever considered to be husbando level, so I'm desperate to get this figure. I don't know if I can get enough money for it before pre-order ends in May though. I'll try my best to, but we'll see!

life lately |
I saw these photos of Irene for Korean shoe brand Nuovo and I fell in love with the styling. (I've been liking this kind of clothing style recently, which is why I've become just a tiny bit confused as to how I want my wardrobe to look like now.) These photos made me want to get a pair of cute sneakers, but because I've sworn off NB's, I was a bit lost as to which brand to go for now. I saw some cute pink and nude ones at Rubi, but I'm not sure about the quality. Adidas shoes are nice, but I can't afford them right now.

I had my iPhone's LCD replaced a few days ago, and while that fixed my phone's initial problem, after one day it started going crazy and pressing random buttons on its own. It feels like someone else is pressing other letters and it gets super annoying. I can't even play LL!SIF properly. I was looking for a solution and I saw that a lot of people started experiencing this problem with their iPhones too (model is the 5S) after updating to iOS9 or something. It's pissing me off because I feel like this whole issue is just Apple's way of making me want to buy their new phone, which is dumb because my phone is perfectly fine except for that one problem, ugh. It's gotten to the point that I'm even considering switching to an Android phone, even though I'm biased towards Apple.

Recent purchases
Since I've been wanting to get my wardrobe in order, I haven't been buying any clothes as of late. But just the other day, I placed an order for a plain black ribbed tee. It seems like a basic item to have, so I thought I'd try buying one and see how it looks on me.

I also recently picked up a new bra from Bench Body. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with r/ABraThatFits, but their bra size calculator is LIFE CHANGING. I don't know if this is considered TMI, but I've been wearing a 34B for as long as I remember. According to the calculator, I'm actually a 32DD! I was SHOOK. Because I prefer a looser fitting band, I tried looking for the nearest sister size, which is a 34D, but apparently local bra brands don't carry cups larger than C, wtf. The next nearest sister size is a 36C, so I tried looking for those. I found that Bench Body's 36B/36C bras fit me well, so I ended up buying a cute wireless bra from them. I still plan on checking Uniqlo or maybe Marks & Spencer for 32DD bras though, just to check if that really is my actual size.

life lately |
I picked up Colourpop's Puppy Love and Cat Nap Super Shock Shadows from a local seller. These shadows are from Colourpop's collab collection with Best Friends Animal Society, where all proceeds go to No-Kill LA or NKLA ( NKLA is a program which aims to turn every animal shelter in the city of Los Angeles into a no-kill organization by 2017. Not only are the shadows themselves very pretty, major plus points because the money will be going to a good cause!

As for in-app purchases, I bought VSCOCam's Alchemy Collection recently. I got it for the Q3 filter, but I ended up using Q5 more. I also bought Analog London from ordinaryfactory's Analog Film City series of apps. The filters give you really bright and clear colors, unlike Analog Paris filters which give you washed out and pastel colors. I like them both for different kinds of photos.

Recently bookmarked
These days I very rarely follow any fashion, beauty, or lifestyle blogs anymore, save for the ones I really like. I find personal blogs a lot more times interesting. I'd much rather read about how someone spent the whole day at home, rather than read about the latest fashion trends (I already know what kind of clothes I like, anyway). This past week I added a couple of new personal blogs to my reading list. The first is Milkboxed by Elise. Elise has commented on my blog before, but I only had time to check out her blog recently. From reading just a few of her posts, I found that we more or less like the same things, so it was an insta-follow for me. The second is Cat Obsessed by Annie. From the name alone, you'd already know why I liked her blog, haha! Her blog is fairly new, but I love that all the posts are cat-themed. I especially love her travel posts – makes me want to go to all those cat-themed places myself!

Looking forward to
Kawaii PH's first ever Flea Market event is happening this month on the 18th! I've been waiting for this event to happen for a long time now, so I'm very excited! I'll be bringing a ton of clothes / magazines / makeup (??) to sell. This way I can do my planned closet purge in one go! I'll be sharing a booth with my friend Crisea, who has very cute taste in clothes. I'm hoping I don't end up buying her stuff though, because that would be extremely counter-productive, haha!

Another event I'm looking foward to this February is Art Fair Philippines 2017, which is happening from the 16th to the 19th. I couldn't go to last year's, and I completely regret it because they had Takato Yamamoto's paintings up for display. Even though I have two of his artbooks, it's still different from seeing his actual work up close. I regret not being able to see it. I hope to be able to go to this year's, since the event in itself is pretty interesting.

And on the 25th, there's Komiket: the 3rd Filipino Komiks and Art Market. Think of it as the Philippines' version of Malaysia's Comic Fiesta or Japan's Comiket, but at a smaller scale, and with not as much focus on cosplay (I guess). Our friend Allysa says she had a great time at last year's event, so it seems interesting. I'm not sure if we'll be going though, as it's pretty far away from where we are (QC, aka the far North). A lot of other friends are going to be selling their merch there though, so I'd like to check it out.

What have you been into lately? :)