photoshoot for Dolly Kaye

Just some photos from my camera during our shoot for Dolly Kaye ♡ For a long time now, Ashley and I had been wanting to do a Larme-kei shoot. When Kaye, Nona, Mica, ChiChi and Francis told us that they got to do one at the KawaiiPH HQ, we agreed on having our shoot there as well. On the day itself, I brought my camera plus my fairy lights with me, since I thought I'd mostly be shooting. Little did I know that I'd end up modelling for Dolly Kaye as well ehe (//∇//)
I'm not at all used to modelling for other people.. since I'm more used to working behind the camera. I also felt a bit awkward because I think of myself as a bear.. not at all girly and dainty enough to give Kaye's beautiful dresses justice! But I'm glad the photos turned out okay! (เน‘•̀ใ…‚•́)ูˆ Yool did a really good job with the photos; you can check out the final shots on his Facebook page! You can also read Ashley's and Mica's posts about that day here and here.

PS. If you liked this collection, A Love Letter's Promise, it is currently up for sale on the Kawaii PH Store! Each dress comes with a signed print by Little Miss Paintbrush, as seen in this photo. Last time I checked, there were only three dresses left, so better get the dress you want while it's still available~! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡