Kawaii In Manila 2

Hi everyone! I finally found time to sit down and write about my #KawaiiInManila2 experience. The reason why I took so long was because I didn't have any photos to show! I got so busy taking streetsnaps (and talking to friends and blog readers in between) that I completely forgot to take photos of the event itself! (Luckily some of my photographer friends were able to take photos, so I asked for some for my blog, haha. Thanks again!!) But better late than never, right? More under the cut!

Brochures and things being given upon entrance~

So many people even though the gates just opened! Wasn't expecting this many people to come in the morning!

So many cute things being sold!! I didn't buy much because I made sure not to bring too much spending money LOL ;;

Got to meet two of the cutest blog readers ever, Guen and Celina! So young and fresh! Both of them were modelling for LucyPop that day.
They insisted that we take photos under the sakura tree, haha! Thank you to kuya Eric for the full-body photo!!

After that I saw one of my cosplay friends, Nico Panda! The GIF above is actually from her Kawaii In Manila 2 vlog. I wasn't aware that she was taking a video so I was posing for quite a while lolol. (Me: "Video pala yan?" Nico: "Oo ano ba!" I honestly didn't know!!)

One of my favorite things was the Kawaii Art Exhibit. So many talented artists!! Aian told me he would've joined but he didn't know about it.
(I actually didn't bother telling him because I didn't know he'd be interested ;; I'm so sorry oTL)

Hello Ashley!! Love love love this girl! One of my favorite girls in the world ♥ Our kwentos are never enough and are always so bitin!

I got to do a quick shoot with Ashley just before things got super busy. You can see all the photos from our mini-shoot on her blog!

The program kicked off with Reese as the opening act! Forever in love with her voice and sense of style.

Live painting by Rian Gonzales. So awesome!! * O *

Spent a bit of time with friends backstage before the fashion show started. Hello honey!! (Yeah I was cheating on Aian even though he was right there loljk.)

The event was hosted by Kat and Mikee. They did a great job of hosting!!

Fujifilm Instax booth where you can have pictures taken + design your Instax pictures! I wish I had more photos taken haha ;;

There was a big Ghibli cosplay group that day, but I wasn't able to take photos. No-Face was so cute ; v ;

Ashley with LucyPop Japan's Yukie-san and Kamiyama-san. Ashley's second outfit was so cute!!

The first kawaii fashion show featured labels by local designers: Dolly Kaye, Forestale, La Princesse Tea Doll, and Dorotee Sweetlips!

Cute dance number by Campus Royalties!

Rabin doing live art during the talent portion of the Ikemen Guy contest. Amazing!!

Cute Elizabeth, who came all the way from SG! Wish I got to talk to her though~ *shy*

Pretty girls Jolleen and Janine!!

Lettering mini-workshop by the super talented Abbey Sy! I wanted to join but I was super busy. I forgot to take a photo with Abbey, too ; A ;

Super cute Gia! I followed her on Instagram the week before Kawaii in Manila 2, so happy I got to meet her in person!!

Jin and... Miguel omg. Why is Miguel so pretty??? Perfect yamato nadeshiko (◡‿◡✿)

....because I need more pictures of my shota honey on my bloooooooooog ehehe // w //

LucyPop Japan fashion show! So cute. I wanted to wear all the pretty seifuku! (Also, hello Yeca and her pretty sister ehehe~)

Harajuku fashion show featuring pieces from Josiah Chua, Lactose Intoler-Art, FUNKTIQUE Tokyo, KINSELLA Tokyo, PUNK CAKE, and PIN NAP Harajuku!!

Kaila and AnneKate sharing the story of Kawaii Philippines. So emotional!! They've come quite a long way ♥

Announcing the winners + closing the event~

Contestants and winners of the Ikemen Guy + Kawaii Girl contests. Congrats, Rabin and Gia!

#KawaiiInManila2 selfies! So many!! From left to right, starting from the top:
Savy, Ashley, Natsu, Janine,
Guen, Celina, Miaow, Cyril, Jess,
Razel, Barbie, Jin, Naomi,
Kaila, AnneKate, Reese!
There should be a lot more but I kept forgetting to take photos!! ; A ;

Last but not least, a photo with the founder of Kawaii Philippines and the girl who made all this possible, Kaila!
I will forever admire you for your infectious positive energy. I'll continue to support you all the way! ♥

Not all photos are mine. Special thanks to Scurr Alter, Niko Cruz, Jio Verona, and Shutter Panda Photography for the amazing photos of the event!!

Ahhh, there's so much more that I wanted to share but I just can't find the right words! I had so much fun that day. I haven't had that much fun in a convention in a long, long time. Even though more than a week's already passed since the big event, we're all still feeling the effect of the kawaii virus! So amazing. I remember the first email I sent Kawaii Philippines team.. I talked about wanting to "join forces" with them in pursuing their "kawaii goal" which is to spread the word of "kawaii" to everyone in the Philippines and the world. Kawaii is not only about being cute -- it's a state of mind. Kawaii is all about friendship and positivity and happiness. This is something I've strongly believed in from the start, and I was so happy to find people who believed in it as much as I did. And it made me so, so happy that the Kawaii PH team was able to bring together people who believed in it as much as we all did.. I can't find the words to describe this feeling. I'm just so happy! So happy that we were able to reach so many people with this event. Kawaii in Manila 2 has inspired me so much.. it made me want to push myself more, to do even more for the kawaii community. I promise to work harder from here on! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

To my dear, dear blog readers who I met for the very first time at Kawaii in Manila 2.. thank you for coming! Even though it didn't look like it (I am extremely awkward around people I've only met for the first time, I apologize), I was very happy to see you all! Even if it was just a few seconds or minutes, I was glad to have talked to you! Thank you for your love and support~! ♥ To the girls who came up to me to tell me that I was the one who inspired them to try mori kei, you are all amazing! I always, always feel bad for the people who found inspiration to try mori kei from my blog.. mostly because I've always felt like I introduced this wonderful style to everyone, only to abandon it in the end. It makes me so, so happy that you all still consider me as your senpai. So many mori girls approached me at Kawaii in Manila 2 that I wanted to cry. Thank you. Mori girls (and boys) will always have a special place in my heart ♥ To Kaila, kuya Eric, and the whole Kawaii PH Dream Team.. otsukaresama! Thank you for making all of this possible! Thank you for believing in me and letting me join you in chasing after your "crazy dreams". Even though Kawaii in Manila 2 ended, I know you're all still hard at work coming up with more and more ways to achieve our kawaii goals. Please know that I will continue to support you all the way! ♥ Lastly, to all the friends we made during Kawaii in Manila 2.. thank you for being part of this amazing event! You have all my gratitude and love! Let's continue to chase our dreams and spread the kawaii energy! Friendship and positivity and happiness! ♥ ♥ ♥