May 2014

Photodiary for the month of May! Not a lot of happenings, really. I mostly stayed indoors because this heat is CRAZY. 33°C almost everyday! I don't like the rainy season, but right now I just want summer to end. These are the few notable things that happened last month. All photos taken using my phone this time as well. I hope you all don't mind!

One of the most significant things that happened last month: Aian's Cintiq finally arrived!

Aian's work has gotten significantly better recently, but I don't know if that's entirely because of the Cintiq. What I do know is he's been churning out a ton of awesome artwork ever since he got it, so that's definitely a good thing. (Visit his deviantArt or Facebook to see more of his work!)

Did a shoot with Luna & Loon. I should've uploaded photos long ago but I seem to have gotten super slow at editing..

Attended the Project Vanity x Burt's Bees Beauty Q&A at Beauty Bar. We'd planned to go to Glorietta that day so I thought I'd drop by Liz Lanuzo's mini-workshop while I was there. I arrived late (as per usual, ugh) but I'm glad I got to catch bits of it before it ended. I love Liz and have been following her blog for years now, so I'm glad we got to chat a little as well~

I was informed by Melanie of Daiso PH that a new branch already opened at the third level of Glorietta 3 last May 15, so I went to check it out after the workshop. It was a bit hard to find, but luckily Aian and I already looked for it before it even opened. It's near the side where MAC / Rustan's / Etude House is. Go up the escalator and you'll see it.

On that same day, we met up with our friends to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was good, but I couldn't understand half of what was happening ;; Blink was awesome though! Also because she was played by Fan Bingbing. My favorite scene was the one with Quicksilver though, heheh. After that we went to our friend's place to hang out. It was already nighttime by then, and I hadn't been out that late since eons ago. There were a lot of neon lights in the area (Aian calls this place the red light district of Makati) so I tried to take photos while we were in the car, but failed. Aian's main reason for going was to see Nget-nget again though, haha. He looks so cute now! He was in Aian's lap 70% of the time.

Our grandma and aunt from the US came home recently, so we all had brunch at this place called Buon Giorno at Tagaytay. The food was okay. Nothing spectacular, but they were very filling (and very photogenic). It was lunchtime then, so it was super hot. It didn't feel like Tagaytay at all! The view was lovely though, and I really liked seeing all the flowers. I even got to see hydrangeas up close for the very first time! It was only one plant, in a pot, but it was so pretty. I also got to take home strawberry-flavored cow's milk, which was really good. It tasted like melted ice cream.

On the same day, we went to Golden Bay for dinner. Chinese food is sooo good. My favorite food will always be Japanese, but I can never say no to Chinese. Makes me wish I live near Binondo so I can have Wai Ying everyday.

That's all for May! Not much, really. The rest of my days were spent indoors, as I've said. Sometimes I take photos of this little cutie. My 'normal' days are pretty much spent taking photos of cats and dogs, I think. (Mostly cats.)