lazy summer days

Random photos (some from way, way back) that I've forgotten to post on the blog. I have quite a lot of these-- photos that are pretty, but don't fit anywhere else, so I never get to post them. They're too random to fit into photodiaries, and I'm not fond of posting entries with just one or two photos. Since there are a lot of them now, I tried to put together the photos that I felt would work well together. I'm not sure if this makes sense, but while I was putting them together I felt that these photos looked a lot like "summer," even though a couple of these were taken sometime late last year. Looking at them again, I think from an outsider's point of view they would look quite boring, huh? My summer days are usually spent inside the house, see, since I'm usually too lazy to go outside because of the heat and the glaring sun. So when I look at these photos, I instantly think of lazy summer days. Summer is different for everyone, I guess.