Thrifted dress, platform sneakers c/o Rainbowholic, Wear Vintage glasses, apple necklace c/o Chicnova.

First outfit post of the year! Earlier today I shot photos for a makeup tutorial that a lot of people have been requesting, one of mori girl (inspired) makeup! Inspired, because I took a few liberties while creating the look.. maybe one day I'll create one that's very true to the mori girl essence. The look that I created, by the way, is the one I have on in the photos above. I meant to do a mori girl look that would go well with the makeup, but for some reason all of my fluffy jackets seem to have gone missing.. so I opted for a dress that can be used for both mori girl and fairy kei. Going out to shoot without a jacket on turned out to be a bad idea though! Half the time while we were shooting I was shivering like crazy, complaining about the wind and the cold. I feel a bit guilty since my friends in Japan have it much worse, but I really cannot stand the cold! Afterwards I just had to have my coffee fix to warm me up.. Not that it worked though, haha. I seriously cannot wait for warmer weather. In the meantime, I'll be hiding under a fluffy pillow and inside my blanket.