forest girl

Outtakes from our shoot last July 6th. Luisa had asked me a couple of weeks before if I could help her style her fashion shoot for a school plate, and I agreed, since the concept was mori girl and I had more than enough mori kei clothing to lend her. On the day itself though, I ended up doing something other than styling.. make-up. The whole idea of putting on make-up on someone other than myself was something I'd never even thought about, but I managed to pull it off somehow. (Thank you, countless hours of browsing YouTube for tutorials.) Styling was done by Yeca, who I'd asked Luisa to invite as I wasn't so confident in my styling skills either. She did a great job of styling, I think! I was so amused at all the outfits she came up with that my iPhone's battery almost died since I kept taking photos. Our model was Clarisse, who you might all remember from here. Doesn't she make the loveliest mori girl? She looked like she'd just jumped out of the pages of Spoon! I'm in love, really. Planning to do another shoot with her soon, hopefully I get a bit of free time next month for it. Also, check out Luisa's post about the shoot on her blog here. Thanks for reading ♡