all i ever wanted was the world

Honeymilk cream topper, dress and shoes c/o, tattoo tights and cherry clip from Taobao,
VELOCI watch c/o LTimeStudio. Lenses are EOS Super Nudy Grey (G-207), c/o Dull to Doll.

Finally back with a new outfit post. I haven't been able to take outfit photos recently, mostly because I've been waking up late in the afternoon ever since I got my iPhone 4S earlier this month, urk. Another reason is because I've found it nearly impossible to get myself to dress up nicely in this sweltering summer heat. The excuses I've been coming up with on this blog are piling up, I know, and I apologize. I think recently the reason why I haven't been blogging as much as I have before is because I'd much rather have a few good entries than saturate everyone's dashboards with a ton of haphazardly-put-together ones. Also, I don't want to grow tired of blogging. I've seen a ton of good bloggers lose their drive for blogging.. I don't want that to happen to me, so I tiny breaks in between posts. (I do update my Instagram regularly though!)

Going back to my outfit.. don't you think I look like a cupcake? I really like this silhouette. Reminds me of a cupcake / unicorn / fairy princess. The only thing missing is pastel hair, which I am still on the fence about. (I do like it quite a lot, I just have a bit of a problem with maintenance and aftercare.) I received the dress and shoes from about a month or so ago, but I've only tried them on now. This whole look, even the makeup and all, is inspired by AMO-chan. Also partly inspired by the song that's been stuck in my head for some time now, from which the title of this post was derived.