amai zeitaku

ClubCouture sweater*, Lowrys Farm skirt, Romwe tights*, Rainbowholic Shop platform sneakers* and hair accessory*.
I'm pretty sure these shoes from Kaila's Rainbowholic Shop are now my new favorite, I'd wear them everyday if I could!! But I can't, so I'll just wear them every other day, ehe. The pretty mori kei hairclip I'm wearing is also from Kaila! She went out and chose it especially for me. So happy! I really should get to planning a trip to Tokyo one of these days.. I need to go there and give Kaila all of my hugs!!

Visit Kaila's super cute and colorful rainbowholic blog here! She also offers a really neat shopping service where you can ask her to buy items for you from different J-fashion shops in Tokyo. How awesome is that?