Manila International Book Fair + Tokyo Cafe

What I wore: Snidel dress, Saizen socks, OASAP creepers*, Folded&Hung satchel.

On September 13th, Thursday, we decided to drop by the Book Fair at SMX. While we were there, I asked Aian to take a photo of me in front of the huge ferris wheel by the sea. I don't like riding ferris wheels, but I had to take a photo because I like looking at them. The photo was extremely underexposed (taken against the light) which is why it's so grainy. I still like it though! I took photos of some books as well. Truthfully, these are actually the books that I wanted to buy but didn't have enough money for. (Because I already spent a lot ordering magazines and artbooks online.) I'm really poor, so I could only afford two at that time.. but to do that I had to borrow a bit from Aian still, ehe ;;

After checking out the Book Fair, we headed to our usual go-to place for dinner, Tokyo Cafe! The food is always the same whenever we go, which is why we don't bother ordering other meals, haha! We're afraid of making wrong decisions when ordering, so we settle for whatever we've already tried that's good. It's the same for their matcha milkshake. It's milkier than my usual green tea frappe at Starbucks, which is why I like it so much. On the way, we spotted two very fat short-hair kitties inside a pet grooming station. They seem to be always there whenever we pass by.. maybe the owner's cats? They're super huge and really fat. So cute. I wanted to squish them.