you can't can't count on a second chance

Forever 21 jacket, Pack This! top, from BF Ruins shorts, from US flats, Wisdom glasses, Penshoppe cross necklace.
What I wore to my movie date with Aian. (We watched Puss in Boots! Super cute movie.) Lace on lace on lace! I've always wanted to wear an outfit that's head-to-to lace, so I tried it out with this outfit. This isn't it though, as I still wasn't able to dress up in lace from head to toe, so I'm planning on getting lace shorts and lace shoes (currently eyeing these pretty cream lace Litas from AsianVogue) to go with it. Hopefully I can come up with a complete lace outfit in the near future.

I'm sure you noticed that I look reeeally different in these photos compared to all my other ones.. It's all because I changed the way I part my hair! Strange how something as little as that can make such a huge difference. The reason for the change is cos my bangs were pretty much becoming a pain, so I moved my part to the opposite side where my bangs are a bit shorter. Also, because I got two new piercings (an industrial!) while I was in Boracay, I have to keep my hair away from my ear as much as possible so it doesn't keep getting tangled in the earrings. Quite a hassle really, but at least that's one more thing off the bucket list. So now I have a total of seven piercings-- two on the left and five on the right. :)