review + swatches : Clio Rouge Heel Velvet

June 24, 2018

Clio Rouge Heel Velvet |
The Clio Rouge Heel Velvet* lipsticks have been in my radar for months now. Ever since a bunch of my fave Korean beauty Youtubers started posting about them, I'd been waiting for these babies to come to Manila shores. And they finally did! I got these during the Edward Avila x Club Clio event last month, where the Clio Rouge Heel Velvet and the Clio Nudism Velvetwear Cushion were officially launched. (Thank you so much, Club Clio!)

Since I got them, I've found myself only ever reaching for these when doing my makeup. Today I'll be showing you swatches of the five Rouge Heel Velvets that I have—01 Red to Go, 05 Pink Me Up, 07 Bird Kiss, 08 Touch Moment, and 10 Good Mauve. I'm also supposed to be reviewing these, but my opinions on this lipstick are way too biased at this point, lol. I just love them so much 😭 So at the very least, I hope you find the swatches useful!

December 2017

June 15, 2018

December 2017 photodiary |
The last of my 2017 photo diaries. With this, I'm finally done with my 2017 backlog! I still have photos from our annual KL trip, but I have way too many stories from that time, so that deserves a post—or, several posts—of its own. For now, snippets of December through my phone. Most photos presented without comment, because my brain can't remember much of what I did six months ago.

#YourSkinCompletesMakeup with Althea Bare Essentials

June 8, 2018

Althea Bare Essentials |
As an Asian beauty enthusiast, I'm no stranger to Althea. I browse their site almost regularly, checking in to see what hot new products they have in store every now and then. Last year they also came out with a hot new product of their own, the Petal Velvet Powder*, which became a favorite of mine almost instantly. And so when I got word earlier this year that they were coming out with their own skincare products, and that got me super excited! I'm equally as excited to be talking about it today—the Althea Bare Essentials* skincare line!

life lately #5

June 4, 2018

life lately |
Hey everyone, I'm back! Some of you might have noticed that it's been quiet around here recently. I don't have any real reason for that though, heh. I simply wanted to take a step back from my blog and social media for a while. Just a tiiiny step back. But while I returned to using Twitter and Instagram a couple of weeks later, I somehow ended up neglecting my blog for a month. And on top of that, my domain AND my debit card ended up expiring at the same time, so it took me a while to get the blog back up. But hey, I'm still alive!
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