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creature (of) comfort |
creature (of) comfort |
creature (of) comfort |

Romwe sweater // Divisoria top, shorts, peignoir // Topshop socks // Asian Vogue creepers
♫: Lim Kim - Awoo

Super comfy pink and black outfit from almost three months ago! (It's been so long since these photos were taken that I'd forgotten what we did that day!) I've already said this before, but one of the Japanese street fashion trends that I really like is the underwear-as-outerwear trend. I know this trend has long been around even before Tokyo's It girls picked it up, but the thing is I only started liking it when I discovered cult party kei. I've always seen photos of cult party girls wearing some sort of lingerie as outerwear, like corsets and negligee, and I became really enamored by them. These days I still see a lot of this trend, but I'm guessing that it's because of the influence that LARME has had this past year. Almost every LARME model I know owns at least one item made entirely out of lace. Lucky for me, lacy nightwear is easy to come by where I live (thank God for Divisoria and thrift stores!). But wearing lingerie as outerwear outside the house.. that's a different story. If you're like me and live in a country with a lot of not-so-open-minded people, then prepare to walk amidst judging eyes. Remember: walk with confidence. Cuteness gives you courage!

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