Monday meeting at St. Marc Cafe

May 22, 2015

Monday meeting at St. Marc Cafe |
Monday meeting at St. Marc Cafe |
Monday meeting at St. Marc Cafe |
Monday meeting at St. Marc Cafe |
Monday meeting at St. Marc Cafe |

Met up with Kawaii PH friends at St. Marc Cafe in Greenbelt last Monday. Ashley, ChiChi, Anne and I decided to hold a meeting so we could talk about this Saturday's School of Kawaii workshop. The last time I saw Ashley was during Kawaii in Manila 2, so I was really excited to see her! I was also excited to introduce her to Tomo-san of Prettyfab, because I knew they would click right away. (And I was right, ehehe.) I suggested that we meet at St. Marc's (which I kept calling "Chococro", lol) because I really wanted to see the place. It was sooo cute. The front shop window caught my eye instantly! So pretty. I got to try their Iced Matcha Latte and their famous Chococro, which were both super yummy! I was hesitant to try the iced matcha latte at first, because I like my matcha lattes sweet and milky. I was really surprised to know it was to my taste. I plan to come back next time though, with Aian, so we can try their parfaits~! Have you tried any of the desserts from St. Marc Cafe? Let me know which ones you think are good! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

School of Kawaii Lesson 1: Let's Draw Cute Things

May 18, 2015

Draw Cute Things with Little Miss Paintbrush |
Hi everyone! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Today's blogpost is a little bit special, since it's a KawaiiPH-related post! Last May 9th, I attended the very first School of Kawaii workshop, Let's Draw Cute Things with Little Miss Paintbrush, at The Bunny Baker Cafe ♥ The School of Kawaii is a series of workshops conducted by Kawaii Philippines as part of our fund-raising campaign, Kawaii Fund. ChiChi aka Little Miss Paintbrush is the Creative Head of Japan Lover Me, Main Kawaii Artist/Illustrator of Kawaii Philippines, a contributing illustrator of the hit tween mag Total Girl Philippines, and the owner of the handmade crafts brand Whimsicute. I wasn't there for any *official* KawaiiPH duties, but I thought I should attend to give ChiChi some moral support~! (Also, I really wanted to have cake that day, ehehe.)

Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color Launch

May 14, 2015

Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Launch |

Super late post, as usual. (So sorry!) Last April 26th, I was invited by Heroine Make to an intimate event with a number of fellow beauty bloggers at their office in Makati. Staying true to the persona of the brand as reflected by their brand icon Princess Elisabeth Himeko to educate the women of the world on how to beautify themselves, the highlight of the event was a tutorial and make-up demo conducted by Miss Sayuri Igarashi, a renowned make-up artist and beauty consultant from Japan. There she introduced the latest in eye make-up application techniques, as well as the new Jewelry Eye Color from Heroine Make (❁´▽`❁)

some pretty things from

May 1, 2015

pretty things from PrettyFab |
Hi everyone! Long time no blogpost! I know you're all tired of the same "I've been really busy with Life and Things" excuse I always use, so I'm just going to save you all the trouble. Sorry! But here's something to make it up to everyone -- new reviews of shiny new cosmetics, yay!
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