early 2013 acquisitions

January 4, 2013 No comments

First acquisitions post of the year! Because the new year calls for new things, haha :) These are stuff I purchased online a couple of weeks before the end of 2012. Mostly late Christmas gifts to myself, plus a few other purchases. Some of these arrived just earlier this week, and a few parcels are still on their way, but I'm posting this entry now because I'm quite excited to show you this lot!

Purchases from YesAsia + Asian Beauty Secrets Revealed! I'm a bit of a magazine and photobook hoarder, yes.

Something that I just had to have-- the December 2012 issues of both Zipper and KERA. Both have Kyary on the cover!! * u *
I got Zipper from YesAsia and KERA from Asian Beauty Secrets Revealed.

The 12/12 issue of Zipper comes with this tiny AMOYAMO Fashion Book as a bonus, too.

Zipper 01/13! Initially wasn't going to buy this but I needed something else to qualify for YA's free shipping. But this one comes with a cute KISS cat bag as a freebie!

It also has a mini-feature of Ayano-san, ehe. I can't read it though..

f(x) Victoria's HongMa Photobook! This went on my Christmas wishlist the moment I saw it come out.

Unlike most idol photobooks, this one is disguised as a travel photobook. It shows all the nice places to go to in Hong Kong and Macau. It's all in Korean though, so I can't read the notes, but the names of the places are in English. It's quite a nice thing to have, really, especially if you're a fan of f(x) and Qiannie in general. Oh, I don't know the details but it seems that SHINee also came out with something like this before? Theirs was shot in Barcelona. I think YesAsia has that as well.

Of course, lots of photos of Victoria being Victoria. So cute I diiie.

How can you say no to that face? Our dorky leader is the best ;______;

I have yet to visit Hong Kong or Macau but once I do I'll be sure to bring this with me, ehehe.

Christmas presents from sponsors and a reader friend! Magic Magic falsies and lenses are from Eyecandys. The pair of falsies on the right are from Laur!! ♥

The eyeshadow quad above, I only put it there to make the photo look cute. Haha. It's actually one of three makeup-related purchases. I'm quite proud that I only spent my Christmas money on these three things, and they're all things I need. (Good job, self. Now you just need to keep it up until the end of the year..) Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige (my HG foundation), Majolica Majorca Majolook Eyeshadow in BR355, Maybelline Baby Lips in Peppermint.

A decent neutral eyeshadow quad, finally! Like I said, all of my makeup purchases were things that I need. I didn't want to spend too much on stuff that I wasn't going to use all that much, so I limited myself to just the necessities. I've been wanting to get a nice neutral eyeshadow palette for the longest time, one that is a bit on the warm side and doesn't have blacks. Finally settled on this one after much deliberation. Also, this is the quad that Kyary uses!

Last few gifts to myself: a 2013 planner and mechanical pencil from MUJI + a cute dress from earth music & ecology.

And, last but not least, meet my super cute new baby, 白雪姫 * u * I got her as a Christmas gift from Aian.. which is pretty much the reason why I've been spamming everyone with Instagram photos. (If you haven't been experiencing my IG spam yet, follow me! My username is helloforestgirl.)

Aaand that's that! So many pretty things in this batch, so I'm really happy about it. I have a few more items on the way, plus I'll be doing reviews for some of the items above. And oh, a tutorial for those who've been wondering how I get all my Japanese magazines as well. Lots of exciting things prepared for Little Forest Girl this year, so please do watch out for it! :)

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