review : Benefit Posietint Lip & Cheek Stain

October 2, 2012

This September, I was chosen as one of House of Flair's guest bloggers, and I was given one of their products to try. The product that I'll be reviewing today is the Benefit Posietint Lip & Cheek Stain

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If you're wondering why it's so cute and tiny, it's because it's travel size. It's a baby Posietint!

For those not familiar with this product, you might mistake it for nail polish. Haha!

Truth is, this was my very first lip & cheek stain, so I didn't quite know how to use it. Do I put a little, or do I cover the whole lip? I tried putting just a tiny bit but it blended in a bit too much into my lips, so I tried the second option. I was afraid at first because I don't like Barbie pink colors, but I really liked how it looked on my lips. The look is natural, even though it's a visible pink color.

On my lips, the color is a cute poppy pink that's sheer when applied. When used as a cheek stain, all you do is apply three strokes on your cheek and then blend.

Full face photo. The reason why the pink on my cheeks is sheer is because I blended it in well. Those who want a more visible pink can repeat the application process + top with a bit of powder so it doesn't look unnatural.

Though the consistency is a bit weird for me, as I don't use cheek stains, the product is very easy to blend.
Goes on sheer, but can be built into a deeper shade. For a natural look, apply on the cheeks and set with translucent powder. It can also act as a nice base for your lippies / blushes.
When applied right, it gives a luminous, healthy-looking flush and a nice just-bitten look on the lips.
Doesn't feel sticky at all! Also, the best part of the product is staying power. It stays on the whole day.

For those who feel iffy about this kind of applicator (double dipping, etc.) this might not be the product for you. Or you can just put a bit of the product on your fingertips then applying it on your face.
I find that this product dries my lips a bit, so I still have to use lip balm over it.
If you're like me and not really into Barbie pink lippies, this can also act as a base for your color of choice, and give it a pink undertone. I sometimes use this with my salmon lippies for a more natural pink lip.
The actual thing is a bit expensive; the full-sized product (0.42 oz) sells for $29 at Sephora.

OVERALL: ★★★★☆
Four out of five stars. For my first lip and cheek stain, it's not half bad! I really like it. Only thing is, I just can't love it completely.. because it's pink. Sorry! I like pink, but not for makeup. I kind of wish the Posietint had an orange tinted sister though, then I'd be all crazy about it!

Would you recommend this product?
Yes! Though I know there are a lot of cheaper alternatives for lip and cheek stains, I think for the staying power alone this is highly recommended. And since a little goes a long way, you'll be getting great value for your money. This goes well for all kinds of looks. I'm more fond of sporting a natural flushed look when it comes to cheek color, so this was really nice. If you like this product or would like to try similar products from Benefit, do avail of House of Flair's services!