summer 2011

April 6, 2012 No comments

Photos from our trip to Splash Island from early last year. I realize it took me almost a year to have these developed. I kept putting it off because at the time I only had 3 rolls of undeveloped film, and Digiprint (the place where I get film developed then transferred onto CD) has this thing where you can get up to 5 rolls done for a certain price. And because I decided to stop buying films for a while (I got tired of playing with my toy cameras), I never got to completing five. When I finally did though, I found out that the Digiprint branch closest to where I am closed down. oTL||| I had to settle for another place (whose services are muuuch more expensive; almost double the cost of Digiprint's) instead. Which is a problem, really, as I still have undeveloped film lying around. But anyway. Enjoy the photos :)

These were all taken using a plastic underwater camera and random films. The film I used for the first few photos was expired, which explains the coloring. I actually like those the most, haha. (And oh, you might have noticed that I look very different in these photos. That's actually what my normal, no make-up self looks like.)

This day was really fun! Although I didn't really like the slides as much as Aian did, because I'm a tiny bit claustrophobic. (Never trying that enclosed slide ever again.) That, and the feeling of anti-gravity just freaks me out in general. Which was why I spent most of the time taking photos of Aian enjoying himself, haha!

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