review : BornPrettyStore Handmade Artificial False Eyelash #114

April 20, 2012 No comments

Born Pretty Store is an online store that specializes in nail art and cosmetics. They have a wide array of products available for wholesale and retail such as nail polish, nail care, nail art equipment, eyeliner, false eyelashes, hair curlers, and a lot more. They also offer free worldwide shipping.

I've been wanting to try false lashes for some time now, and after trying on cheap $1 falsies that I've found in drugstores and such, I thought I should try other styles. Luckily, Born Pretty was kind enough to sponsor me a set of falsies of my choice. After giving it much thought and going through their list of falsies numerous times, I chose Handmade Artifical Attractive False Eyelashes Makeup #114 (whew, long name is looong), which I will be reviewing today~

The lashes up close. They're very natural-looking! They're handmade, so I expected a few of them to not look exactly the same. But they're really pretty still! Like a mix of Diamond Lash Girly Eye and Eyemazing No. 805.

Photos of the lashes when worn. The look is similar to DL's Girly Eye, only that one has a much more apparent cat-eye effect. The longer strands of these lashes are still pretty apparent at the middle, so this gives you a very wide-eyed look.

Length and volume are just right
Clear and flexible lash band, easy to apply
Natural-looking, blends in well
No discomfort at all when worn
Very affordable, 10 pairs for less than $8

Band is a bit too long, you'll have to trim the sides
Cannot be reused for more than 2 or 3 times
Does not come with own glue

These would be great for those who want to try wearing lashes but aren't ready to delve into much more adventurous styles, or those who prefer natural-looking lashes but want to achieve the dolly-eye effect. Also, for those who are into the mori girl or mori gal styles.

In addition to these lovely lashes, Born Pretty was kind enough to give me a coupon code for my readers. If you use the code 5OFFJ61 at the checkout, you'll get 5% of on all orders. The code is valid until the 31st of December this year. Born Pretty has a lot of nice-looking lashes, so I'm thinking of maybe getting another one soon :)

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