sweet love trap

January 12, 2012 No comments

Liz Lisa dress (worn as top), Love is.. capelet, brown maxi skirt, Accessorize socks, AsianVogue creepers,
flower headband from Yapo, Rilakkuma bag + orb necklace from Aian.

What I wore last Saturday. I chose to wear a longer mori coord because I've been getting attacked by mosquitoes a lot recently. And I thought if we were going to UPD, where the number of mosquitoes would be 9x, I should wear a long skirt. I wanted to take photos in UPD for this outfit, but unfortunately we had very little time because we still had to do everyone's sets. But these photos taken by Aian are still really nice~

That same evening, Aian and I had dinner at Kimono Ken. Their food was okay, but I still really prefer the food that we have at Little Tokyo. I think ever since we had a taste for authentic Japanese food, everything else just paled in comparison. We'll be trying out Yabu: House of Katsu next, because everyone in the blogosphere seems to be raving about it these days! Also, because we absolutely love Japanese food. If anyone wants to suggest any other places for yummy (and affordable please~) Japanese food, feel free to leave them in the comments! ♡

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