what kind of coffee do you like? i want to know you better

October 7, 2011 No comments

Sometime last week I was invited by an online friend of mine to model for her shoot. Because it was a casual mori girl-themed shoot, we wanted to do it in a library, but then decided to have it in a cafe instead. Café Noriter seemed the most fitting for it.

We had the shoot yesterday afternoon. I wasn't a stranger to the loveliness of Noriter, as I've been there a couple of times with Jaro about a year ago, but I've never really had any of their cakes. Sooo, because it was Aian's first time in the cafe (and because we'd been craving for cake since two weeks ago), we decided to get ourselves two different flavors of cake! Sansrival and Choco Cappuccino cake, om nom nom. * u * After finishing up (though I didn't really finish my coffee at once, as I can't really drink hot drinks in one sitting), we decided to start shooting. Here are some of the outtakes that Aian took.

Thrifted T-shirt dress, from BF Ruins maxi skirt, Saizen ankle socks, gifted sandals, Anagon Collection wire headband, DIY medicine bottle necklace.
I really like how these turned out, and maybe we'll visit Noriter another time to shoot (and get a taste of their chocolate cake). I'll only be posting these photos for now; I think it's better to wait until the main photographer has posted her set before I go posting any more of mine. Until next time, have a lovely rest of the week everyone ♥

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