a day before twenty-two

October 16, 2011 No comments

From Greenhills lace collared sleeveless blouse, from BF Ruins cropped top, thrifted paperbag shorts,
Topshop heart over knee tights, from Korea platform heels, Vivienne Westwood plaid sling bag.
What I wore yesterday, the day before my birthday.. which just happens to be today, haha! Because my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, and I usually go out with my family on Sundays, Aian and I had to celebrate my birthday a day early. Only, we weren't able to celebrate it fully, we only had time to sit down for cake and coffee but it was fun nonetheless.

Aian got me a cake from Red Ribbon, and we had it with coffee at Starbucks. I think some of the kids there were giving us weird looks for eating straight out of the box but what the heck, we went ahead and devoured half of it anyway. The other half went home with me, haha! Aian also got me reeeeally nice gifts. I mean, really nice. (I'll post those another time.) I feel a bit guilty for them, actually, as they came from money that Aian's worked so hard for, but I realized being guilty over it isn't the right way of thinking. I should be thankful for receiving nice things, especially for nice things from someone who put a lot of thought and love into getting them for you. So I'm very thankful.

And as thanks, here's a little something from me to you - an action set containing actions which I've discussed in my past tutorials and then some. All you have to do is load it on Photoshop and you're good to go!

For everything that's happened when I was twenty-one, and to everyone who gave me all their love and support, thank you so much. I promise to work hard towards my dreams from today, and every day onward as well ♡

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