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June 20, 2011 No comments

Enigma cape, gifted beige chiffon and lace top, D-I-Y ripped denim shorts, thrifted moccasin boots, Penshoppe black wooden cross necklace, pink dream catcher necklace. Photos by Aian. Also on Lookbook and Chictopia.

What I wore to ToyCon yesterday. Pretty much just another laid back outfit, plus a super comfy cape I found at the thrifts. Wore moccasin boots instead of heels, because I knew going to another major con meant I'd be walking around the whole time. (I love those boots, by the way. I got them for just a little over $5, and they looked almost new. Our local thrift store is a treasure trove.) I would've had another necklace on, but I couldn't find any of my long ones at the time. I kind of like how the cross looks though, even though it doesn't really go with my whole Tiger Lily vibe. :))

Aian and I spent the rest of the night in Bo's Coffee at Glorietta 5, sharing a mug of warm chocolate mocha and chatting about makeup, food, Dream of the Endless, and really just the most random things.

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