hey now, we'll be okay

hey now, we'll be okay | chainyan.co
—aaand I'm back! Sorry for the radio silence these past few months. I realized this is the longest that I've been away from the blog, so I thought I'd pop back in really quickly for an update. Just so you know I'm still alive.

I want to be perfectly honest so I'll come right out and say it: I wasn't in a Very Good Place both mentally and emotionally during the latter half of the year, so all my creative outlets like blogging and journalling had to take a backseat. My creativity was severely dampened and I didn't like anything I put out, so I decided to drop everything, take a break, and just focus on getting better.

Things did get better, for the most part. I gained a newfound happiness in friends and X1. Things were going great and the year ended with only a couple of Really Bad Things happening, but otherwise it was okay. And then in January shit happened (to X1) and suddenly my emotions were all over the place again. I know some people might say "it's just Kpop, it's not that deep" (though quite frankly if you're thinking that then please just leave; we don't condone that way of thinking in this household). But X1 holds a lot of importance to me, because my connection to my core group of friends (whom I've already known for years) started getting much stronger at the same time I started getting into the group. In a way, X1 was there when I started opening up more as a person...and suddenly they're not here anymore. My friends are still here, so I'm getting by, but it's still really sad. I'll be okay though, and things will go back to normal soon. Eventually.

But holy shit, do I miss this blog. I'm still taking a ton of pictures, because that's one thing that's never really left me. And I still update from time to time on Instagram, but I miss updating the blog regularly. More importantly, I miss you guys. If you're still here, thanks for sticking around ♥ I'll drop by again soon!