4x4 Instagram favorites #8

Sometime last week I was feeling a bit uninspired so I decided to follow some local bloggers on Instagram for inspiration. While I loved all the feeds of the people I followed, something just felt off, so I unfollowed most of them the next day. While these people are anything but uninspiring—all of these bloggers are strong, independent girlbosses—their lifestyles just didn't appeal to me as much. (Not about that life anymore, I guess.) After that, I stumbled upon a bunch of users on Instagram who mostly posted photos of cafes, food, and mundane day-to-day things. I became very interested because these people were all different – there were photographers, models, artists, dentists (!!), businesswomen.. but like me, these people all preferred a slow, quiet life. I learned later on that this kind of lifestyle is actually called "slow living" – a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of everyday life. If you've heard of Kinfolk, the magazine was created based around the slow living movement. That's why you'll always see the magazine in a lot of slow living IG accounts, haha. The idea of slow living appealed to me a lot, so I ended up following more people who follow the lifestyle. The ones mentioned above though, are people I've been following long before I found out that the lifestyle actually had a name.

Yunyoung (@yunyun_2) and Julymary (@july__mary) were the first two girls with this lifestyle that I followed. I started following them at around the same time. I really liked their laid back yet stylish outfits, which is why I followed them. Both of them have their own small independent clothing lines, so they feature a lot of their items on their Instagrams. As for Amo (@amo_whale), I've been following her the longest, but I only followed her Instagram sometime last month. If you're familiar with J-fashion and magazines like KERA and Zipper, then you should already know who Amo is. Amo used to go by the name Amoscream, and had a much different style before. She was so unique that her style really didn't fall into any category – her style was just called "Amo style". When she got married and had a child though, she turned to a more "natural" and laid back style. At the time this happened, I was really sad because I liked Amo's Amoscream era a lot. I thought she'd become boring. But when she came back with a new Instagram (she disappeared for a while after getting married), I followed her again. Very slowly, I started liking her new life and style. Chalk it up to age, I guess? Amoscream will have a very special place in my heart, but I like the current Amo as well. Last on this list is Jenny (@happiijenny). I've been following Jenny's blog (sushi-cat.net) for years now. I like her no-nonsense way of reviewing beauty products. Whenever she recommends something, I know it's worth checking out. She was the reason why I got into LUSH Shampoo bars! Sometime last year, she posted about Marie Kondo and the KonMari method, which made me rethink my lifestyle choices. (Daily life can be a bit chaotic when you're a packrat..) Ever since then, I've started looking into minimalism. Becoming more mindful when buying things, living with less, etc. One of Jenny's recent posts is about becoming happier now that she's removed a lot of the items from her home, and I found it so inspiring. I hope to be able to clear my space of unnecessary things one day as well.

This is only part one of my #slowliving Instagram favorites. I still have a lot of them to share, but I have to stick to the 4x4 rule, or else this post would take forever for me to put up. I'll save those for another time.

Have any favorite Instagrams you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments! :)