project 365 : days 120 - 126

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Day 120 – Jakejake!

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Day 121 – Leng finally moved to a bigger box

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Day 122 – Mimi clearly doesn't care lol

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Day 123 – Jake's favorite sleeping spot is in between people's legs. Mong's is wherever Jake is sleeping.

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Day 124 – When you leave for five minutes to go to the bathroom

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Day 125 – Shibes!!!! Not real shibes, but still cute.

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Day 126 – Mori the owlcat

Just more snippets of my quiet cat lady life.

Things that made me happy last week:
  1. I finally have a teal dress to wear to my aunt's wedding. My cousin bought one to wear but she forgot that hers was supposed to be a different color, so I'm buying it off of her instead. I'm glad I didn't have to go through the trouble of looking for one. (By the way, the wedding is tomorrow!)
  2. Seeing my two favorite K-POP girls, EXID's Hani and OH MY GIRL'S Arin, take a selca together! Hani has been very vocal about liking Arin, and Arin knows this well. On Hani's birthday, they finally took a selca to celebrate! So cute ❤️
  3. I've fallen in love with the RiRe Lip Manicure Rouge Highfix that I got from YesStyle. It's a matte lip color that doesn't dry out the lips. The color that I got is 09 Brick Red, which is a color I don't usually wear. But this particular color leans orange, so I like it a lot. I'll talk more about it when I write about my new YesStyle Beauty Box!
  4. Rediscovering Liah Yoo. For beauty gurus, I prefer watching videos where they have English subtitles because I watch vidoes on mute a lot. That's why I've only been checking out Liah's Youtube channel occasionally. I found out though that Liah is actually my skin type match (oily-dehydrated), so I've subscribed to her channel.
  5. These days Jake has started to wait for me to lie down on the bed so he can sleep on my legs. It's cute, but also tough for me because there are times I want to get up but then I see him sleeping so peacefully.... #catmomproblems
  6. Aian and I finally finished watching the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG! So good, but so stressful lol. I love well-written stories like this but anything with politics stresses me out so much. Thank God for Tachikoma na Hibi, at least we get a bit of breathing room in between the stressful episodes. We also watched Solid State Society afterwards.
  7. We've also been enjoying the recent weeks' Running Man episodes. At first I wasn't sure about the addition of the two new members but they're doing okay so far! Jeon So Min in particular is super funny and cute.
  8. Having yummy braised beef at Ersao. The service was so bad though lol
  9. Currently listening to Like I do by Cherry Coke.

What was the highlight of your week?

To have a better appreciation of life's moments, no matter how mundane, my 365 day challenge for 2017 is to take photos every day of the year, and at the same time write a list of things that have made me happy recently.