review : i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey Lens

i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey |
Some years ago, circle lenses used to be all about thick black limbal rings, because these are what makes the iris of your eye appear larger. Some circle lenses are relatively small in diameter but their enlargement effect is huge because of the limbal ring. Nowadays people prefer lenses with little to no limbal rings at all. I personally prefer those with translucent limbal rings, just like the lens I'm reviewing today! This pair is i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey*, one of three lenses sent to me by LensVillage in 2015 – the other two being DollyEye Bling13 Brown* (reviewed here) and DollyEye S-9 Violet* (which, unfortunately, I'm unable to review due to lack of photos). The Moe Moe Grey was my favorite out of the three, because I thought they really did make me look 萌え萌え (〃艸〃)

i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey |
i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey
Actual Diameter: 15mm
Effect Diameter: 16.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Usage: 1 year
i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey |
Close-up of lens design.

i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey |
Direct sunlight

i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey |
Indoor lighting (fluorescent lights)

i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey |
i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey | chainyan.coi.Fairy Moe Moe Grey |
i.Fairy Moe Moe Grey |
When worn.


The lens has three colors yellow at the center and grey at the edges, with a darker grey for the limbal ring. I like that they used two different shades of grey. The gradation of the two colors makes it look natural, and balances out the dark yellow color at the center. The design is quite unique, I don't think I've tried anything with this type of pattern before. It's very striking and is noticeable both in photos and in real life. These can definitely catch a person's attention. My only issue with this design is that the center part is too opaque. I prefer lenses that blend well into my natural eye color, so I always go for lenses where the center is more translucent and/or diffused. Seeing the center part of my eye with a solid circle like that puts me off a bit.


Even without a black limbal ring, the enlargement is huge! Actual enlargement is 15mm, but the effect diameter is supposedly 16.2mm. I'm not sure if the effect claim is true, but these really do give you big BIG doll eyes. I wouldn't recommend these if you're not used to wearing doll eye lenses or lenses bigger than 14.5mm.


Surprisingly very comfortable when worn, especially for its size! No discomfort even after I've worn them for 8+ hours.


If you want big dolly eyes but dislike the look of thick black limbal rings, this is the lens for you. The color and design are so unique that I used to get a lot of compliments when I wore these. They also fit a variety of looks – you can use these for Larme-kei, gyaru, Lolita, or even cosplay. To be honest I'd say these are okay for everyday too, but that depends on how adventurous you are hehe :>

You can get these lenses at LensVillage for $19.50. You can also check out LensVillage for other designs – they have over a thousand lens designs in store! They also offer free standard shipping on all orders over $30, so be sure to check them out! :)

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