seven years with you

seven years with you |
Today is Aian's and my 7th year together. I'm feeling a bit lonely, as we won't be able to celebrate it together, as I'll be in the province for a post-Christmas family gathering. Since we wouldn't be able to celebrate it together this year, I thought of making this collage with our selfies from 2009 to 2016.. but looking at all these old photos just made me feel more miserable. (I miss Aian and all our babycats ;__;) Still, it feels kind of nice seeing how much we've grown together these past seven years. (Also, how much we've gotten better at makeup, dressing up, and taking selfies.)

To Aian – I know these past years haven't been easy, and from time to time it gets a bit difficult, but I feel incredibly grateful knowing I'm going through life with you. Thank you always, for everything. (As I always say, thanks for putting up with my shit.) Happy 7 years, love. You will always be, to me, my best friend and favorite person in the whole universe. I love you ♥