August 2016

August 2016 photodiary | chainyan.coAugust 2016 photodiary |
Hey everyone—apologies for disappearing for a week! The truth is I've had this post in my head since I published the last one, but I didn't know how to go about posting it. I really wanted to do a Life Lately post for August, but when I tried looking for photos I couldn't find much. I think the reason is because Aian's been really busy with projects lately, so we've been spending most of our time at home. The only ever times we went out were when we went to eat out, hang out at Mr. Park's, or see a movie (but we only saw two recently – One Piece Gold and Train to Busan), and when I'm at home I only ever take snaps of the kids (the cats, if you're still wondering), so I just gathered what I could from my phone.

August 2016 photodiary | chainyan.coAugust 2016 photodiary |
August 2016 photodiary | chainyan.coAugust 2016 photodiary |
Met up with Xandra and Iso with Aian. Coincidentally, a Pokemon Go Lure Party was happening in the middle of Town that same day, so....

August 2016 photodiary |
August 2016 photodiary |
Attended the Christening for my niece (my brother's bebe), where I went from being a tita to a ninang. Titavolution, lol.

August 2016 photodiary |
Did my first ~*~official~*~ post as a Canmake Philippines Brand Ambassador! (You can see the post here.)

August 2016 photodiary |
Discovered the new Mr. Park's in BFRV, which quickly became our new favorite hangout place. (Check out my post on Mr. Park's here.)

August 2016 photodiary | chainyan.coAugust 2016 photodiary |
August 2016 photodiary |
Spent a lot of my afternoons with these freeloaders hanging outside Aian's place. We've been feeding these strays for quite some time now.

August 2016 photodiary | chainyan.coAugust 2016 photodiary |
...aaand this one eventually joined our cat family. That brings us to a total of seven! (Plus the other two of course, that we feed outside, so nine. The calico is quite independent—the black one not so much. If you know of anyone in Las Piñas looking to adopt a cat, please feel free to contact me!)

August 2016 photodiary | chainyan.coAugust 2016 photodiary |
To cap this month off, we watched One Piece Gold! I LOVE One Piece so much, so I was really glad we could watch it despite the limited screening times. It was a *Franky voice* SUPERRR good movie, but I felt a bit sad because there wasn't a lot of scenes with Choppy in it! I think in terms of story and fight scenes, I still like One Piece Z the best. Both are really good though, so I definitely recommend watching both!

Currently... (Original list via Meet Me At Mikes)
Making: plans for a certain event in October
Reading: Death Note: Another Note
Wanting: everything on the 3Tempo Korea site
Looking: to get new Real Techniques face brushes
Playing: around with Lightroom presets
Deciding: on my blog post topics for the rest of September
Enjoying: Red Velvet's addicting new song, Russian Roulette
Waiting: for new packages to arrive
Liking: the direction that my blog's been taking
Wondering: when I'll be able to get a Gengar on PokeGo
Loving: Nana Kitade's new look
Pondering: life choices
Considering: re-installing Mystic Messenger on my phone
Watching: Parks and Recreation – we only started watching this last weekend and now we're on Season 2 lol
Needing: to get my own laptop
Wearing: a Little My shirt from UNIQLO + my old PE shorts
Following: REITA on Instagram !!
Noticing: how cute my babycats are becoming
Knowing: everything will be fine; don't worry too much
Thinking: of trying out the bingsu place in Alabang sometime
Admiring: this girl and her videos – Hanbyul
Buying: nothing for this month _(┐「ε:)_
Getting: excited for Cosplay Mania!! Rippi ♥ ♥ ♥
Bookmarking: beauty blogs focusing on Asian skincare
Disliking: how I've been eating so much recently
Feeling: proud of myself for keeping my Instagram feed somewhat coherent thus far
Coveting: RV Irene's new lavender grey hairrr
Wishing: I can keep things going just as I'm doing now

Hope you're all having a great month, friends ♥