O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd share with you some of my recent fandom-related acquisitions. This is the first time ever that I'm sharing a haul that's not of clothes, makeup, or skincare! To be honest, I was actually wondering if people would be interested in seeing my ACG event hauls, since I always post about my other purchases anyway. This is totally spur-of-the-moment, but I hope you like it! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ☆

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
O-kun Fiesta 2 haul
Aian and I dropped by SMX for O-kun Fiesta 2, but we weren't there for any particular reason. We usually only ever attend ACG events if we like the guests or to show support for friends, but this time.. I don't know why we were there? I think I'd planned to meet someone but that person couldn't make it after all..? I'm not sure. Since we were already there, we took the chance to look around, and I managed to find stuff that I liked.

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
Wobbuffet & Gengar plushies
I mentioned in my previous post that one of the highlights of this event was picking up Wobbuffet and Gengar plushies from one of the booths there, so today I'm showing them to you! Look at them!! So cute!! Gengar is my number one favorite Pokemon, followed by Wobbuffet. When I saw the Wobbuffet plushie I knew I had to get it, but immediately afterwards I thought of looking for a Gengar, and I found one! So smol and cute!

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Seo & Mikorin swings + Haikyuu!! Kenma pin
Bought these from Mika of Heroine Complex! These are actually merchandise by krisppie, being sold at Mika's booth since she wasn't able to come to O-kun herself. I got Kenma because Kenma is my baby!! As for the GSNK ones – I got Seo for Aian, and I got Mikorin for myself (look at the tiny rose huhuhu). So cute, right? I actually thought these were official merch, judging from how nicely they were presented! * u *

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
Toy'sworks Niitengo Love Live! Snow Halation Nishikino Maki
Maki, my best girl~! I got this from Hubbyte Toy Store, my usual source of fandom-related things. The Snow Halation costume is one of my favorites from the lives, so I got this when I saw it. The truth is, this figure was actually from what you'd call "blind boxes" – this means these come in a set, and every box you get contains a random character. I'm usually lucky with these things, but this time I didn't have to try my luck. The boxes were already opened (by the people at Hubbyte themselves), so it was much easier to choose heheh.

Egg hairclip
Lastly, an egg hairclip from Hatah Hatah! Aian and I had just finished watching the latest of the Monogatari series, so when I saw this I instantly thought of the Fire Sisters! They are my favorite characters in the Monogatari universe, next to Shinobu (best girl) and Senjougahara.

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
Blush Con haul
I went into this convention thinking I'd spent A LOT of money on merch, but surprisingly I only spent around less than P500..? Probably because I only bought little things and not bigger things like Nendoroids or full figures. That said, most of the merch I bought isn't really BL. Mostly Haikyuu!! merch, and a ton of gorgeous prints from kidchan!

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
Haikyuu!! Kenma merchandise
Like I said, I got a looot of Kenma things! Some of them have Kuroo in it, because well, it's KuroKen heheh. Anyway! First of all, I got Kenma swings for my phone! The bigger one is from @bipau, the smaller one with the tiny Kenma cat is from Sailor Suits. The Kenma pillow swing isn't actually something I bought from Blush Con – I got it as omiyage from Ciara's Japan trip! It has Kuroo on the other side, too. I also got a ton of Kenma stickers! (Mostly from artists whose names I forgot to ask for.. I'm so sorry! If anyone knows the names and sites of the artists, please link me!) The Kenma with cat ears that's part of the KuroKen set is my favorite! My cute pudding baby ♥

Tamen De Gushi stickers
Of course I got GL merch at a BL con, heh. I got these for Aian! So adorable how they're of different heights!

Yu Yu Hakusho Touya swing
I got this from Tokyo Fanatics! Yu Yu Hakusho! So nostalgic. Touya is one of my favorite characters from this series, and I was surprised that merchandise from this arc actually existed, so I bought it. I wish they still had the Jin one as well though!

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
Kenma + food stickers
I got these as a gift from Nick!! I was supposed to buy these stickers from her at Komikon, but I wanted to wait for her at her booth but I never got to see her. That's why I was so surprised when she handed me these at BLush!! She included a Kenma one too.. so kind ; v ;

お金がない pin
If you know what this means.. then you know why I bought it LOL. (I got it from the girl boothing with Nick.. I'm sorry for not getting your name!!)

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
Prints by kidchan
I saved the best ones for last – beautiful prints from kidchan~! Aian and I hoard kidchan's art whenever we get the chance, and this con was no exception. I've been following kidchan's work ever since I first signed up for deviantART, so she's been an inspiration to me even before I started teaching myself photography. I love her work so much.. One day I'll buy proper frames for these babies ♥

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul | chainyan.co
And a little bonus – a box of Penang white coffee from kidchan!! Aian and I gave kidchan a small gift for visiting Manila.. I was so surprised when she gave me this in return! I have yet to try it. Too precious..!! But I will try it soon!

That's it for my O-kun Fiesta 2 and Blush Con haul! Did you like this post? If you did, should I keep making these types of hauls? I do think I have a lot of readers who are also into anime/manga/cosplay/gaming, so maybe..? Let me know what you think! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_