Kuala Lumpur, 2013 – day three

Day 3 in Kuala Lumpur started later than planned.. I knew that packing our four-day stay in KL full of activities was going to be tiring, but I wasn't expecting us to be super worn out after just the second day, haha! I even got a slight fever, wtf. We left the hotel at lunchtime, and headed for KLCC for Comic Fiesta Day 2!

Sunlight pouring into our window! This was my favorite part about the mornings, haha! So warm!

I'd set the alarm at 10AM, but since Aian and I were still really sleepy, we had trouble getting out of bed. (Also the bed was sooo soft * ^ *)

Contrasting outfits! Too bad we weren't able to get decent photos though..

The only things from that day with the two of us in it were the (rather awkward) videos we took for our friend Noko.. and I don't think I can show the videos here (I doubt any of you would want to see it..) so instead, here are a couple of snippets! The first one is a bit weird though, I didn't know where to look wtf.

Since we were able to look at all the art booths the previous day, Day 2 was all about hanging out with our friends Mie and Hermes (who we met during our first day in KL) and meeting two of the international guests, redjuice and stayxxxx. UNFORTUNATELY!!! Because of certain reasons, we weren't able to do any of those! We did get to see Mie, but only for a short while. We did get to see redjuice and stayxxxx (well at least, I did..), but we weren't able to get their autographs. (Which reeeally sucks, because we came to CF Day 2 just for the meet-and-greet activities alone. I can sit here and type out a whole post about why, even after lining up for an hour each time, we weren't able to meet the two guests *coughinefficientanddisorganizedmeetandgreetsystemcough* but I wont. What's important is that in the end, Aian was able to give his postcard to redjuice and I was able to meet stayxxxx.. but that's a whole different story.) And so, since we had nothing else to do, we spent most of the time going around to see if there were any booths that we might have missed. Also, to look for cosplayers + people in Japanese fashion to take photos of.

Cute guitar picks! Aian got the Colossal Titan one lolol.

...........apparently you can find these at any con, huh.

Cosplayers and J-fashion people!! * O * So awesome. The last three cosplayers were actually dressed up as Comic Fiesta's mascots!

While I was looking around and trying to vlog about CF (and failing miserably), I found out that there was actually a mini-concert going on! kz of livetune was one of the international guests, and one of the main events was his mini-live. Everyone was so into it, they had lightsticks and everything!

Me trying to look cute / being annoying during kz's live. Video here lololol.

Had to take one last photo with kidchan before leaving CF.. thank you again for welcoming us to Malaysia!! /// w ///

Attempted to take touristy photos.. and failed miserably.

Since Aian and I were both unable to meet the people we wanted to meet the most on Day 2, we were pretty bummed about leaving KLCC with feelings of disappointment. In an attempt to lighten the mood a bit, I dragged Aian to one of the places I wanted to visit the most in KL, Kinokuniya! For those who don't know, Books Kinokuniya is the largest bookstore chain in Japan. They have branches in Malaysia, Singapore, and a few other Asian countries.. but NONE in the Philippines, so I was really looking forward to stepping inside the one in KLCC. When we got there, I wanted to cryyy. There were SO. MANY. BOOKS. I wanted to live there! (No pictures in my camera because I didn't know if it was allowed.. but I did manage to take one using my phone, haha!) Aian.. pretty much went crazy. I had to stop him from lying on the floor LOL. We went inside Kinokuniya at around 8PM, I think, then left at Suria's closing time, which is 10PM. 2 hours!! We spent all that time trying to decide what to buy and what not to buy, since our budget was limited lolol. Eventually, we left Suria, then headed back to the hotel, both of us with bags full of books from Kinokuniya. They were suuuper heavy! I thought my shoulders were going to break wtf. At the hotel room, I laid everything we got from CF and Kinokuniya out on the bed to try and take photos.. It was hard. I didn't realize we bought so much stuff!

MASSIVE Comic Fiesta haul~~! We bought a tooon of art from so many amazing artists! These were all from Day 1, by the way! We bought a few things during Day 2 as well, but I wasn't able to take photos of them ;; Artists we bought from include kidchan, liricamore, Kazeki, Lim Sera, thestarofpisces, FeiGiap, and asuka111! We bought some other stuff too, like VOFAN and redjuice's artbooks from the Kinokuniya booth, redjuice's postcards at the TamStar Records booth, stayxxxx's photocards from Coffytiam, and a Mio Akiyama mug from a random booth selling animu merchandise. I bought a tiny Rivaille sticker for my friend Asu as well // w //

Even more massive is Aian's Kinokuniya haul wtf. Imagine having to carry all these from Suria to our hotel! We took the train and everything! He bought a looot of stuff.. I wanted to take photos of everything but I was too lazy lolol ;; I took a photo of the Mawaru Penguindrum one tho, cos it's one of my favorite animu * w * )/

My haaaaaul which pales in comparison to Aian's ;; The reason why I bought so little is because Kinokuniya didn't have my favorite magazines in stock when we went!! Not even magazines with the GazettE on it!! Apparently all the foreigners that went to KLCC for Comic Fiesta had already dropped by and bought everything ;______; I'm still happy with what I managed to get though!! My first ever copies of BOKU, FRUiTS, and ROCK AND READ! R&R is my favorite! It's filled with a lot of pretty photos too.. Susumu Miyawaki's photography is amazing. I'll show you next time. I also got a little something extra.. a ONE PIECE 2014 Planner!! So happy!

And that was day 3! We didn't get to do much, since we spent most of the time queuing for the autograph sessions.. but it was all good since we were able to drop by Kinokuniya before we left. Overall, our first time attending Comic Fiesta was great! I was a bit nervous at first since neither Aian nor I have ever attended conventions outside of the country, but it turned out to be pretty much the same, only, Comic Fiesta is at a whole different level. I only hope that someday our local cons, especially Cosplay Mania, would be able to be something of this level in the near future. With the way things going are now though, I don't think that's very far off! In a few years, maybe?

Up next is day four, our last day in KL. So saaaaaad, four days in KL is not enough! We went to Central Market, which is a very popular place for buying souvenirs. Please watch out for it!