style inspo : けいおん! × earth music&ecology Japan Label

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I recently stumbled upon this super cute collaboration between K-On! and earth music & ecology, under their Japan Label. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of K-On!, but I did find the series interesting. I thought everyone was really cute, so I followed the series when it came out and watched everything up until the second season. When I saw these photos on emae's Japan Label's Tumblr, I knew I just had to share it with everyone. According to the label's description on the site:
earth music & ecology Japan Label is a brand for Japanese anime and pop culture.
earth music & ecology Japan Label is expanding overseas, through collaborating "Cool Japan" of anime and manga, and "NatuKawa (natural & kawaii)" Japanese concept of earth music & ecology.
In the past, emae Japan Label has mostly only collaborated with Hatsune Miku, so it was nice seeing them collab with anime. Actually, seeing my favorite brands collab with series that I like is always a nice thing. I think emae made a great choice of collaborating with K-On!. I mean, if it's 'natural and kawaii' we're talking about, the girls of Houkago Tea Time are a perfect example, don't you think?