azayaka ni sabishige ni saku

Lowrys Farm cardigan, Myah dress c/o Chi Chi, Candy Kawaii Lover stockings, shoes c/o LovelyWholesale,
classical hair pin c/o Morning Mori, necklace c/o EIKA Accessories.

Just when I said I'd be sticking to white and muted colors.. surprise! Bright coral on my blog! The dress is from the lovely people over at Chi Chi London. It's a bit strange, really, seeing myself in such a bright colored dress, which is probably why I decided to wear muted pieces with it, to tone it down a bit. I did, however, love the color of the dress, even though it isn't something I'd wear on any given day. To complement it, I added a necklace with red stones in it, and for the finishing touch, a bright red lip. I am in no way a stylist, but I do like putting together things that go well visually. Before shooting, I plan everything out-- the hair style, the makeup, the styling, everything. Just as I would for an actual shoot. It's hard work! But I love it. For the makeup, I did a bit of a mature look, did you notice? It's a brown smoky eye. I look quite mature, I didn't even recognize myself when I started editing the photos! Maybe when I get a bit older, I'll go for this look instead of my cutesy dolly make.

By the way, the title.. if you're a GazettE fan, you might recognize it. It's part of the lyrics of the new single, FADELESS. (You can listen to a short version here, and the single is available here.) I think it loosely translates to blooming vividly and lonelily. So, so pretty. I am a huge sucker for words that are prettily stringed-together. Ruki is amazing at that. It's my favorite line in the whole song. I think it describes my life quite nicely, haha.