cotton candy lover

One Piece x UNIQLO T-shirt, Candy Kawaii Lover skirt and tights, brogues c/o Yeswalker, Izzoshop camera satchel,
VELOCI watch c/o LTimestudio, from Taobao cherry hairclip.

If you're a huge One Piece nut like myself, then you must already know where the title is from right? Haha! I've put myself on a shopping ban recently, as I pretty much spent what would be a year's worth of expenses on clothes and magazines alone just last month.. but it seems that I completely forgot the possibility of sales happening. More specifically, sales in Uniqlo. Even more specifically, sales in Uniqlo for One Piece shirts. P300 pesos off, limited time offer. Right when I just happened to be at MoA. Would you believe it? I was only supposed to buy one shirt as I very rarely visit MoA and I figured it would be a good chance to buy another one. But seeing that I could get two for a little over the price of one.. and that I'd never get a chance like this again (or at least I think so), I caved in. I'm weak when it comes to sales and anything One Piece related, it seems.

Moving on.. don't you think Tony Tony Chopper is super cute? He's my favorite character in One Piece! I have a ton of stuff that has Chopper on it. You could say I'm quite obsessed. (I actually want to buy even more Choppy shirts, but ah. Shopping ban, shopping ban.) I've never been this obsessed about a fictional character, not since the kusuriuri (medicine seller) from Mononoke anyway. In One Piece, all the pirates get an alias of sorts when they get bounties and their names get posted on wanted posters. Chopper's is "Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper! So cute. I wore all pastels to match the theme of cotton candy! The watch I'm wearing kind of resembles the stick that they use for cotton candy in fairs as well right? Also, it reminds me of peppermint candy! I think, if I'd worn striped stockings instead, I would've looked more like a walking cotton candy stick. Haha!