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Hello, I'm back! It's been a while, hasn't it? I wanted to keep my blogging streak and push out at least two posts a month, but I guess it's not that easy when real life has other plans, huh. But I'm here now, so! :)

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I finally bit the bullet and started reading Kimetsu no Yaiba! I wanted to put it off until the first season of the anime ended but I kept seeing spoilers EVERYWHERE, so I decided to go ahead and read the manga. It's SO GOOD. I think the anime is better, only because you get more of a feel of what's happening compared to the manga. But the manga is good too. The story, theme, and setting are all right up my alley, and I just love all the characters. Especially the pillars! Reading it is painful though. There are so many good boys and girls in this series so it just crushes my heart whenever someone has know. Way before I started reading KnY, my brother told me, "don't get attached to anyone". And you know what? He was right 💔

Aside from KnY, I've only been following Jujutsu Kaisen, Blue Period, and Kemono Jihen, which I've already introduced in past life lately posts. I should probably start catching up on Haikyuu!! soon though, because Season 4 is coming in Winter 2020. (I'M SO EXCITED!!!!)

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Because the last time I did a life lately post was ~6 months ago, I don't think I can remember each and every show I watched since that time, so I'll just share the ones that I really enjoyed.

First off, Coffee Friends! I found out about this show from one of my IG mutuals. The main premise of the show is that two friends, Yoo Yeon-seok and Son Ho-jun, start a cafe on a tangerine farm in Jeju Island. They recruit a few other friends to help them out. All the earnings from the cafe get donated to charity. Personally, I'm a big fan of these kinds of Korean reality shows. Shows like Three Meals a Day and Hyori's Bed & Breakfast, if you know what I mean! There's something about shows like these that just reel me in. Especially when the cast works well together. And even more so when the guests add to the overall synergy! It just makes the show so much more enjoyable. In this case, they had to run a cafe by themselves, so they really had to work together or else things would fall apart. There was one episode that the cafe got so full that it got pretty chaotic at one point. But they all worked everything out. By the last two episodes, they got so used to the work that you'd think they were professional cafe owners, haha! It's a great show. I wish they'd make a second season because I got super attached to the cast by the end!

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After finishing Coffee Friends, I looked around on Viu for other shows that I could watch, and decided to check out Produce X 101 for kicks. I didn't want to watch it at first, because, you But I was bored and I didn't have anything else to watch, so I thought, why not. I even checked out the final lineup in advance, and once I'd confirmed that there wasn't anyone that could possibly catch my eye (LOL), I went ahead and watched it. Little did I know that it would turn out to be A Very Bad Idea. Because, well, Han Seungwoo happened. I went in having zero interest, and went out as a stan of both X1 and Victon. Good job, me! 🤪

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Lee Dongwook is still my pick for center though. Sorry, Yohan!

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As for anime, Aian and I got to watch One Piece: Stampede last week! I was looking forward to seeing it ever since it got announced! As some of you may already know, I'm a HUGE fan of One Piece, and just a few months ago, Aian and I marathoned the anime (from the Water 7 arc up to the Wano Kingdom arc in less than 2 months) in preparation for the movie. So when the release date for Philippine cinemas came out, I was super excited. We watched it with my younger brother, who's also a huge fan. It was SO GOOD. SUPER GOOD. The story wasn't super deep, but also not super shallow. It was okay. For me, the film itself was more of a showcase of all the important characters from the series, so I wasn't expecting a new story or anything. It was made to commemmorate the 20th anniversary of One Piece, after all! Personally, I really liked it. I had so much fun seeing all the characters that I loved. Like one big party! I got so giddy every time a new character came on the screen. By the end of the film, I was in actual tears. No spoilers, but I cried because of a certain scene at the end. If you've seen the movie, then you probably know why! was so good.

Other than that, Aian and I mostly just watched older series like Yozakura Quartet, Baccano!, Durarara!!, etc. It's because the offerings for Summer 2019 were a bit lacking for us. By the end of the season, we were only really looking forward to watching Kimetsu no Yaiba. I wanted to really like Given and Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo, but because I have a habit of constantly comparing anime adaptations to their original source material, it's a bit hard for me to enjoy certain series. I'm hoping next season has better offerings.

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You probably saw this coming, but I've been listening to mostly the concept songs from PDX101. This is exactly the same as when I watched Produce 48, haha! You can't blame me though, since Produce songs are always SO GOOD. My favorites are U GOT IT (aka the song that single-handedly turned me into a Han Seungwoo stan) and MOVE. I've also been listening to X1's debut album, Quantum Leap, on constant loop. From the album, I like Flash and Like Always. I kind of prefer the latter though, just because!

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If I'm not playing those or anything from Spotify's K-Pop Daebak playlist, I'm playing songs by: Sangatsu no Phantasia, Hoshino Gen, or Perfume, depending on what I feel like listening to that day.

Recently I've been watching more slow living vlogs than I do makeup channels. My current favorite is one meal a day. Her videos remind me so much of Cooking Mama, haha! She makes super simple meals that look really delicious. Her gimbap video made me crave gimbap so much, I had to make it...but minus the rolling because I'm lazy, lol. I also really like Yita and Plan D.

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Looking forward to
October Komiket! We're boothing for both days again this time, so if you missed getting my kitty stickers last February, I'm bringing them again, plus a bunch of new sticker designs I came up with! I'm pretty excited about it, especially since it's just a few days before my birthday (hehe). If you're ever in the area, please do come!

What have you been up to lately? :)