project 365 : days 71 - 77

The start of last week is a blur.. I only remember watching Aian and his brother try and assemble his new PC, me sleeping in until late afternoon the next day, and eating pizza and pasta and mojos from Shakey's while Aian re-installs all his programs. We only went outside twice – first was on Wednesday to watch a movie, and the second was on Friday to celebrate Aian's dad's birthday. The rest of the week was spent staying at home. Overall a pretty chill week 👌🏻

project 365 |
Day 71 – Sweet calico baby

project 365 |
Day 72 – Smol cat + smol box

project 365 |
Day 73 – Dinner at Vibang's

project 365 |
Day 74 – Went to the nearest mall to watch the new Death Note movie on its first day. It was.... underwhelming, to say the least :'(

project 365 |
Day 75 – Three sleepy kitties

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Day 76 – New K-beauty goods c/o bntnews International

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Day 77 – Egg waffles!

Things that made me happy recently:
  1. Sleeping in until late in the afternoon on a Monday, and having Shakey's for super late lunch + dinner.
  2. On Tuesday I tweeted a photo of the calico kitten that we'd been feeding since last month. I was surprised because the tweet got so many retweets after just a few hours. (I thank my mutuals with lots of followers for this.) That same day, I had someone message me asking if she could adopt the kitty. I've never had someone ask about adopting on the same day as I posted, so I was really happy. After that, I made plans with the person who messaged me. They picked up the kitty yesterday afternoon ♥
  3. Having sinigang sa miso for dinner.
  4. Introducing Spotify to Aian and spending the evening listening to old J-rock and J-pop songs.
  5. Trying out Fiddy's Super Pore Killer technique for the first time. I didn't get any grits, but my face felt a lot ~*~cleaner~*~ after I was done! Will try doing it at least once a week so the gunk in my pores don't build up too much.
  6. Receiving my bntbox for March in the mail. Really excited to do the reviews for the items I got this month!
  7. Finally getting a date for that WINNER comeback – 04/04!!!! (Strangely enough, this feels like 4 Walls all over again lol.)
  8. Taking home a plastic bag full of indian mangoes.
  9. Having Yellow Cab's garlic and shrimp pizza.
  10. Getting an Eevee from an egg on Pokemon GO and evolving it into a Sylveon.
  11. Clearing Cutie Panther on Master on LL!SIF.
  12. Trying egg waffles for the first time.

What was the highlight of your week?

To have a better appreciation of life's moments, no matter how mundane, my 365 day challenge for 2017 is to take photos every day of the year, and at the same time write a list of things that have made me happy recently.