project 365 : days 78 - 84

Super late post – this month went from pretty chill to super hectic real quick! I meant to post this earlier but I've been busy doing prep work for blog content. We've also been out and about a lot. We had dinner with friends, went to a local con, and even attended an exhibit opening. Right now I'm actually about to get ready for Aian's digital art workshop at UP Manila today. I realized I haven't done a life lately or photodiary post in ages, so I might do one soon after I'm done with my current lineup of beauty reviews. For now, here's last week's photos + happy list!

project 365 |
Day 78 – Last photo of this baby before she moved to her new home

project 365 |
Day 79 – Mong being super clingy

project 365 |
Day 80 – Curious kitty

project 365 |
Day 81 – Took a selca (with decent looking makeup!) after days of not taking one
Day 82 – One of Leng's favorite sleeping positions

project 365 |
Day 83 – Bright-eyed baby

project 365 |
Day 84 – Dinner at Dohtonbori with Aian and Allysa after Cosplay Carnival

Things that made me happy last week:
  1. On the 19th, we sent the calico baby off to her new home. Her new family picked her up at Aian's place. A little backstory about the kitty – I found her last month, hiding in some bushes near the building. We managed to get her and started giving her food and water, but for two or three days she'd cry for her mom non-stop. She eventually stopped crying and would ask us for food when she got hungry and sleep in the box I left for her. So cute. Like all the other cats we've rehomed, I miss her terribly, but I'm glad she's now in a warm and loving new home.
  2. Having Korean BBQ for dinner with Aian and friends at Soban K-Town (aka our new favorite KBBQ place!).
  3. Getting a date for EXID and Oh My Girl's comebacks! I find it a bit sad that the groups I like will be coming back minus one member each (EXID's Solji and OMG's JinE are both resting due to health reasons. WINNER is coming back minus one member as well, but for different reasons....), but I'm still very excited that all my favorite groups are coming back soon!
  4. Aian and I started watching Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon! I've been seeing gifs of it EVERYWHERE so Aian and I decided to check it out. Everyone's so cute! I have a soft spot for slice of life series with cute characters. It's not super funny like Saiki Kusuo, and it has a lot of ecchi themes inserted here and there, but it's still a really cute series. Kanna is super cute! Also Fafnir looks like Aian but with black hair LOL.
  5. For some reason, all our 7 cats have started sleeping on the bed recently. They also seem to have learned that my legs make great pillows, so I always wake up with all 7 sleeping on them. While it might sound cute and all, 7 cats sleeping on your legs feel super uncomfortable and can give you cramps ;____; But I can't do anything about it because I love them /cry
  6. Finding out one of my favorite Japanese photographers, Fujii Yui, shot some photos for the latest issue of LARME. Since it's a Spring issue, all the photos are so dreamy and pink. I definitely have to get myself a copy now!
  7. Finishing taking photos for 4 (!!!) beauty reviews. For me, taking photos is the hardest part of creating blog content because I have to get everything ready, go outside (lighting inside our apartment sucks) and flatlay everything, take photos in 30-something°C weather, go inside to edit everything, go back outside to take any shots that I forgot.... It's all so troublesome that I'm always happy when I get that part of the work over and done with.
  8. Buying new contact lenses! My eyes are pretty sensitive so I make it a point to throw out my lenses and buy new ones every 3-6 months now, even if the lenses are supposed to last 1 year. I found out GWYSHOP had graded Solotica Hydrocor lenses in stock, and I knew they were going to be at Cosplay Carnival, so I got myself grey ones at the con.
  9. Having okonomiyaki for dinner at Dohtonbori.
  10. Currently listening to B-DAY by Lucy ft. Kisum, on repeat.

What was the highlight of your week?

To have a better appreciation of life's moments, no matter how mundane, my 365 day challenge for 2017 is to take photos every day of the year, and at the same time write a list of things that have made me happy recently.