4x4 Instagram favorites #4

Spring is in full force in Japan right now, I can feel it all the way here in Manila! It's probably because all my friends in Japan have begun posting photos and videos of beautiful sakura on their social media sites. (I'm so jealous! It's one of my dreams, to be able to visit Japan during Hanami season.) These days I've also been double-tapping photos of Spring collections by my favorite brands on Instagram non-stop, so I thought I'd share some with everyone. As you can see, all four of these brands are Larme and CUTiE mainstays.. just looking at this post made me realize that my taste really has changed, haha. This is actually just part 1 of my recent favorites - since I decided to only share 4 photos by 4 Instagrams at a time, I'll have to show you the rest next time. Please look forward to it ✿