Spiral Cats Meet and Greet (aka TashaCon 2014)

Here's the thing.. I don't get what the deal is with cosplay ~celebrities~. Because I consider cosplay as a geek hobby, the idea of having celebrities within the circle is.. strange to me. But even so, there are still a handful of local and international cosplayers that I look up to. Even though I try to remind myself that these people are also just anime fans just like me, I can't help but fawn over them and put them on a pedestal because I admire them so much! So self-contradictory, I know! ;;

I realized then that there are just some cosplayers you really can't help fangirling/fanboying over. For me, one of those cosplayers is Tasha, of the Korean cosplay group Spiral Cats. If you haven't heard of SpCats or Tasha before.. under what rock have you been living in? Her Queen of Blades cosplay pretty much made the internet explode when it first came out, even my friends who aren't into cosplay know about her. I've been a fan for so long, I even turned Aian into a fan because of my constantly showing him pictures of Tasha. So when I heard that she and two other SpCats members were coming to Manila, I almost had a mini-heart attack. I had to go no matter what! On the day itself, I was so nervous. A friend of mine told me, "Tao rin lang yan! (They're also human!)," but for me, Tasha is a goddess LOL (人゚∀゚*) /slapped

TASHAAAAAAAAAAA~~!!!!! TASHA짱!! 사랑해요!! HOW CAN SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE THIS BE HUMAN? When it was my turn to take pictures I immediately forgot all the basic Korean words that I know lol. Couldn't even say hello wtf.

SO PRETTY IN REAL LIFE (Way too pretty that I also forgot how to take pictures properly wtf.)

Photo (of me looking like a whale) beside Tasha ^________^ At this point my hands were already shaking hahaha ;;


Of course Aian has a photo also! Really bad photo, sorry. It's like I threw out all my photography knowledge out the window that day wtf. I'm surprised I even managed to get a decent, non-blurry photo when I was shaking so much.

Bonus photos of DoReMi~!! Really cute!! I almost forgot to take her photo!! But then.. Ssol.. the other Spiral Cat with them.. I forgot to take hers. So stupid of me!! I'm so sorry. Too distracted by Tasha to notice other people _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

Lastly, photo with Tasha holding the art Aian made for her~~ You can see he's trying hard not to smile LOL (〃艸〃)
You can see the artwork on Aian's blog here!

Can you tell from the photos that I was super happy that day?? Aian was super glad she liked the artwork, too! We were ecstatic after the meet and greet that we forgot about the actual con (OzineFest), so we dubbed it as TashaCon lol! Tasha is up there on my top 10 cosplayers list, so I was so happy I almost cried afterwards. Not only was she so so so pretty, she was also super kind! Goddess-level..!! Whenever anyone said hi to her, she would say hi back~ She even added me on Facebook the next day *SCREAMS INTERNALLY* It's been two weeks since we met her and I'm still not over it. I even have our selca as my Twitter icon! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Now all that's left is for me to meet Houtou Singi, my other cosplay ~goddess~ ehehehe (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑