or a girl who makes potions in a travelling show

Thrifted top, Romwe skirt, Candy Kawaii Lover stockings, boots c/o SammyDress, necklace c/o Chicnova, Taobao hair clip.

I remember saying once that this skirt reminds me so much of Grimoire, and of dolly kei in general, so I thought I'd wear a wine-colored top to match it! Also, added a couple of accessories with red accents just because ♥ ♥

I really like this skirt, the tapestry fabric is gorgeous and all, but alas, it doesn't fit me. They're actually culottes (or skorts), see, and when it comes to anything that vaguely resembles pants, I always have to fit it before buying it. I'm a pear shape, so it's always so hard to find shorts that fit properly. I can wear it just fine, but getting the waistband up to my waist is frustrating. It just stops mid-hip and I have to force it to get it up. Once it's up, then okay, but when I have to take it off again..... ugh. I was planning on cutting it up and adding a zipper instead, but I'm not that skilled and I don't have the time to have it done professionally. So sadly, I'll have to let go of this lovely piece. If you're interested in buying it, it's up for sale here.