Zipper Magazine October 2012

My copy of Zipper 10/12 finally arrived in the mail earlier this week! Cute fat little kitty not included.

Reason # 1 for buying this: Yu Aoi is on the cover. I love, love, love her. She's also featured in a two-page editorial about black and white outfits.

Reason # 2: Zipper has a lot of outfit inspos. What I love about the Zipper style that it's unique, but still wearable and quite casual. KERA and Gothic and Lolita Bible are nice also but those styles are for more adventurous girls and boys, heh.

Reason # 3: Zipper also has a looot of tutorials! This issue features Zipper girls' everyday makeup looks.

For those who were wondering where I get my Japanese magazines, I usually pre-order them from various sites. Sometimes I get them from friends who sell their magazines second-hand, as well. This one I pre-ordered from Asian Beauty Secrets Revealed (formerly Kawaii Holic Online). As the name suggests, the shop sells mostly Japanese beauty goods, but they offer a magazine pre-order service as well. The price for magazines is a bit steep (this issue cost me P600 compared to the actual price of P240), but it's quite understandable since shipping for books and magazines from Japan can be expensive. Besides, the quality of the magazine is quite nice, so it's alright. They also include the freebies that usually come with these Japanese magazines too, if there are any. I know some shops that sell the magazines but keep the freebie inside for themselves -____- ;; You can check out ABSR's FB Page here. Thanks for reading! ♥