life lately # 9

April 12, 2019

life lately |
It's been a while since I last made a life lately post, so it took me a while to finish this one. I consumed so much media in the span of just 3~4 months that I had to sit down and list everything down because I couldn't remember most of it. It's a good thing that I'd already gotten into the habit of writing about memorable manga and shows in my journal, so that made things a bit easier. As for life at the moment, it's been more or less the same. Slow and steady. That said, things have been a bit uneventful as of late, so I couldn't find a photo to use for this post. I wanted to use one that I hadn't already shared before. I found this photo that Aian took of me while we were in KL. It's a photo of me doing some late-night journaling in our Airbnb. The place is a mess (like it always is whenever we travel) and it's not a particularly glamorous photo of me, but I like it.

February 2019

April 2, 2019

February 2019 photodiary |
Compared to previous months, February was pretty chill. Suuuper chill. We had only one event to go to, which was February Komiket. Aside from that, the only other time we went out was to buy groceries. The thing about staying at home is that you can get bored pretty easily, so you end up feeling envious whenever you see friends being out and about. But whenever I do get the chance to get out I become super stressed about Manila traffic, so I've learned to appreciate being a homebody a lot more. That said, staying at home most of the time means I won't always have new and interesting content to share. I hope you guys are okay with posts that are 90% cat photos!
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