life lately # 9

April 12, 2019

life lately |
It's been a while since I last made a life lately post, so it took me a while to finish this one. I consumed so much media in the span of just 3~4 months that I had to sit down and list everything down because I couldn't remember most of it. It's a good thing that I'd already gotten into the habit of writing about memorable manga and shows in my journal, so that made things a bit easier. As for life at the moment, it's been more or less the same. Slow and steady. That said, things have been a bit uneventful as of late, so I couldn't find a photo to use for this post. I wanted to use one that I hadn't already shared before. I found this photo that Aian took of me while we were in KL. It's a photo of me doing some late-night journaling in our Airbnb. The place is a mess (like it always is whenever we travel) and it's not a particularly glamorous photo of me, but I like it.

February 2019

April 2, 2019

February 2019 photodiary |
Compared to previous months, February was pretty chill. Suuuper chill. We had only one event to go to, which was February Komiket. Aside from that, the only other time we went out was to buy groceries. The thing about staying at home is that you can get bored pretty easily, so you end up feeling envious whenever you see friends being out and about. But whenever I do get the chance to get out I become super stressed about Manila traffic, so I've learned to appreciate being a homebody a lot more. That said, staying at home most of the time means I won't always have new and interesting content to share. I hope you guys are okay with posts that are 90% cat photos!

Bon Odori Festival, 2019

March 27, 2019

Bon Odori Festival |

February Komiket 2019

March 24, 2019

Or, more accurately, what I ate at February Komiket 2019 _(:3 」∠)_ I only realized as I was editing photos from the event that I mostly took photos of what I ate during those two days, lol. Sorry!

February Komiket 2019 |

January 2019

March 22, 2019

One of the things I wanted to work on this year, blogging-wise, was to be able to write about things as soon as they happened. Or at the very least, write about them while they're still somewhat fresh in my memory. And so, I decided to skip my 2018 photodiary backlog (April-December) for now, and start working 2019 photodiary backlog hahahaha _(:3 」∠)_

January 2019 |
I spent most of the first week of January meeting with family and friends who were in the country for the holidays. I usually don't leave the house unless I need to, so all the moving from place to place really took a toll on me. After everything my body just kind of gave in to the fatigue that had been building up from December (I attended 2 weddings, flew to Malaysia and back, attended a bunch of holiday gatherings right after). I got sick some time after that. I spent most of the time taking it easy, cuddling with the kids, just binging stuff on Netflix, and doing some journaling in between. I managed to churn out 4 blogposts though! Maybe I'm able to think more clearly when I'm sick? Haha. Here's what January looked like, through my phone (as usual).

review + swatches : Canmake Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek *

March 10, 2019

Canmake Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek |
Hey there, Internet friends! :) I'm still alive, and back with a new makeup review! The last time I reviewed makeup was more than half a year ago, I think? So the whole process of doing my makeup and shooting took me quite a while to do. (Plus for some reason it's always super windy whenever I decide to shoot for reviews. TY wind for giving me anime hair, I guess 😂) But I am back with a new one, finally! This time I'm reviewing the Canmake Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek*, one of the newest products from Canmake Philippines 💕

my 2019 journal setup

February 5, 2019

my 2019 journal setup |
Over the past year, journaling has become something that I really love and enjoy doing. I used to think that I wouldn't love any activity other than photography, but then I got into journaling. (It's now a very close second!) Since getting into it I've come across a lot of inspiring people, on Instagram mostly, who do stuff like flip-throughs of their journal or "journal with me" videos. As I watched more and more of them, I also felt that I wanted to do something similar, but I wasn't sure how to start. I'll try to figure it out somehow, but for now, I'll just talk about my journal for 2019 and my current journaling setup 🌿

Malaysia 2018 haul

January 25, 2019

Malaysia 2018 haul |
My haul from our Malaysia trip last December. (In which everything I bought sparks joy, ha!) I posted photos of my haul on my Instagram and Twitter, but I thought I'd talk about it a bit more here! Aian and I have been going to KL every December for five years now, so I'm more or less familiar with the malls and what shops/brands are there. So with this trip I tried to limit myself to things that weren't available in Manila. In order of priority, the things I wanted to get were JLPT textbooks > skincare > journaling supplies > makeup. But also, I had to budget my spending so I had some money left for Comic Fiesta PLUS for souvenirs for my family. And my pocket money for this trip was...not a lot to begin with _(:3」∠)_

product empties #5

January 19, 2019

product empties |
Wow, long time no empties post! I keep all my empties in one big zip-lock bag, and when it's full then I know it's time for an empties post. It just took a bit longer to fill the bag this time, haha. Last year I became SUPER LAZY with skincare, so I didn't really use up a lot of products. I started getting back into multi-step skincare in June, and from there I was able to finally use stuff up! Here are all the products that I finished in 2018~

2019 theme + goals

January 13, 2019

2019 theme & goals |
Hey there, friends! I feel like I left everyone hanging in my previous post, huh ;; The truth is, because there was so much that I wanted to do, it took me a couple of days to decide on what things I really wanted to focus on this year, and so writing this post took longer than expected. But here it is—my theme and my goals for 2019! (It's a looong post this time too, but I'll be happy if you read til the end 💕)

looking back, looking ahead

January 10, 2019

looking back, looking ahead |
More than a week late, but Happy New Year! :) I thought I'd get some time to myself after all of the holiday celebrations were over, but I ended up spending the first week of 2019 still traveling all over the metro, meeting and having lunches and dinners with family and friends. I caught a cold on the eve of the New Year too, so I was scared I'd be starting the year sick. I managed to fight it off somehow, so thankfully it didn't turn into a full-blown flu or anything! Now that things have settled down, I finally have some time to sit down and write my first post for 2019. Usually this is the part where I talk about the previous year's goals and how I did, and then share my new goals for the year. This time though, I want to share a bit of my thoughts re: yearly goals and resolutions and why I'm planning to do things a little differently.
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