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Maxclinic Meso Change Program |
For this installation of my bntbox reviews I'll be introducing Maxclinic's Meso Change Program*, a new and exciting product from the Korean luxury spa clinic brand. I previously got to try and review their Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam and Cloud Embo Masssage Brush*, so I was very curious and excited to see how this new product would be like!

Maxclinic Meso Change Program |
Maxclinic Meso Change Program
Deep & Deeper Meso Change Ampoule (7ml x 4ea)
Hyaluronic Meso Change Roller (70mg x 4ea)
Hyaluronic Meso Change Roller Grip
Maxclinic Meso Change Program |


What is it? The Meso Change Program or NTS (Neo-tingle patch roller program for Turn over and Skin rejuvenation), according to Maxclinic, is a "DIY home care program that allows highly enriched collagen to permeate your skin. Achieve bright, clear, resilient, and tight skin." It has two parts – the Deep & Deeper Meso Change Ampoule and the Hyaluronic Meso Change Roller.

Maxclinic Meso Change Program |


What is it? According to Maxclinic: "A highly concentrated special ampoule without even a drop of water! The core ingredients of the dermis—collagen, hyaluronic acid, and four types of ceramides—penetrate deep within the skin to visibly firm, nourish, and strengthen the skin barrier."

Ever since I started my AB journey in 2016, I've tried all kinds of various Asian skincare products....with the exception of ampoules. Now, you might be thinking, "but isn't an ampoule just a fancy name for an essence or serum?" Well, not quite. It is in the same "family" as essences and serums, but ampoules are usually thicker and contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. They serve as a sort of booster for your essences and serums. Because I have oily skin, I've never really thought to look into ampoules, so this is my first time actually using one. Let's see if adding an ampoule to my routine will actually make a difference!


The Deep & Deeper Meso Change Ampoule is chock-full of great ingredients such as niacinamide, adenosine, collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and other natural nutrients and special components such as Asiatic pennywort, allantoin, Vitamin B, C, and E derivatives, etc.

Some info on what these ingredients can do for your skin:
  1. Niacinamide – "Gold standard" ingredient. Promotes collagen, protein, and ceramide synthesis to treat wrinkles and improve skin elasticity and moisture levels, fades discoloration, mitigates sun damage, controls sebum production. Good for: wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin, PIE/PIH, sunspots, mild melasma.
  2. Adenosine – Extracted from yeast. Has anti-inflammatory properties, used as a building block in ATP to provide energy, upregulates collagen and elastin synthesis. Good for: wrinkles
  3. Collagen – Known to keep skin soft, firm, smooth, and youthful looking. Maxclinic claims that the collagen used in the Deep & Deeper Meso Change Ampoule is the same type of collagen as the one comprising our skin.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid – Promotes wound healing, improves skin structure, increases hydration. Good for: dehydrated skin.
  5. Ceramide – Fats that restore and strengthen the moisture barrier. Good for: dry skin.
  6. Asiatic Pennywort – Also called centella asiatica. Rich in antioxidants. Promotes wound-healing and may inhibit forming of scars. Has soothing properties, and has been shown to be useful in the treatment of psoriasis and scleroderma.
  7. Allantoin – Has anti-irritant properties. Promotes natural exfoliation of the skin, cellular regeneration, and wound healing. May increase the water content of skin.
Most of the info above was taken from r/AsianBeauty. Full ingredients list and COSDNA analysis here.

Maxclinic Meso Change Program |


I know that ampoules are supposed to be generally thicker than serums, but I was surprised to see just how thick it was. It's about the same texture as my Hada Labo moisturizer. It also gets quite sticky during application, so you have to spread it quickly.


It doesn't have any artificial scent, which I really appreciate. It just smells like unscented lotion.

Maxclinic Meso Change Program |
Maxclinic Meso Change Program |
Maxclinic Meso Change Program |


What is it? Maxclinic claims: "Formulated with quadrangular pyramid-shaped hyaluronic acid needles for deep penetration and enhanced absorption of active ingredients, renewing firmness and smoothness to the skin."

If you're familiar with the device called the dermaroller, then you already know the idea behind this. The dermaroller is a handheld device with many small surgical needles. These needles, when "rolled" over the skin, cause microscopic injury to the skin, which in turn stimulates the growth of new collagen. There have been studies to confirm that dermarolling can help topical medications penetrate more efficiently, which is why dermarolling is usually done with a serum or ampoule. The concept behind the Maxclinic Meso Change Program is the same, only the roller used doesn't use surgical needles, but instead uses hyaluronic acid needles.

Maxclinic Meso Change Program |
The hyaluronic acid needles aren't as sharp as surgical needles, and they melt into the skin as you roll, so they don't hurt at all. They aren't able to create actual "wounds" like a dermaroller. Also, the needles on this roller are TINY. Barely even 0.5mm, I think. So even if the concept behind this roller and the dermaroller is the same, they work differently. The main purpose of this roller is to help the Deep & Deeper Meso Change Ampoule penetrate more efficiently into the skin.

Maxclinic Meso Change Program |


  1. Apply an appropriate amount (8~10 drops) of the Deep & Deeper Meso Change Ampoule after cleansing and toning. Gently spread all over the face and neck.
  2. Open the pouch containing the Hyaluronic Meso Change Roller**. Place the handle on the roller, then remove the protective cap. Gently roll across the entire face for absorption. For optimal results, start rolling from areas with deep wrinkles.
  3. Use for 3~5 minutes until the hyaluronic acid melts into the skin and then the roller becomes blunt.
  4. Use once a week for optimal results.
  5. ** Intended for a single use only. Please remove and discard the roller after use. ** Once opened, use immediately.

Like I said, the hyaluronic acid needles don't hurt at all, but you can still feel it. I'm a baby when it comes to pain, but this didn't hurt me at all. You'll have to remember that you're not supposed to put any additional pressure while rolling though, because that may do more harm than good. Just let the needles roll gently over your face.

In case you need a video to better understand how to use the Meso Change Program, here's one from Maxclinic:

Maxclinic Meso Change Program |


I think I've said this before, but because I use a lot of other great products in my skincare routine, I usually can't tell if something's working or not unless I see a visible change in my current skin condition. That's why I know this product really works. After using the Meso Change Program twice, my skin looks much brighter. My skin texture now looks a lot more even. I've always been troubled by my rough skin (that becomes 10x more visible when I put on makeup) so I'm happy that this has helped with that!

I've also added the Deep & Deeper Meso Change Ampoule to my evening routine, but I found that it works a lot better when used with the Hyaluronic Meso Change Roller. Whenever I use just the ampoule, I have to limit the number of drops used to just one for each side of the face. That's one for the forehead, one each for the left and right side of my face, and one for my chin and neck. This is because using the recommended 8~10 drops without the roller just makes my skin feel very heavy. (Remember, I have oily skin.) With the roller, I use the full 8~10 drops, then use a sheet mask afterwards for maximum absorption.

So how much is this miracle program, exactly? It's ₩142,000, which is roughly *drumroll*.....$125/P6,300. Which is pretty close to the average price as a single session of most microneedling therapy services. While it is expensive, it does give you visible results, so I think it's worth it. I saw results with just two uses, so I can only imagine what it would be like if I were to use this continuously for 6 months or more. The problem is, you only get four hyaluronic acid roller heads. I've been using the ampoule every night for two weeks, and I still haven't finished my first bottle (each bottle has 7ml of product). The good news is that you can purchase just the roller heads, but a pack of 4 roller heads costs ₩72,000 (~$64/~P1,200), which is way over my skincare budget right now.

Maxclinic isn't locally available in the Philippines, but you can purchase this product directly from their site here. There's also a one week trial version, if you're curious but don't want to commit just yet. It's available for ₩38,000 (~$34/~P1,685) here. You might have to order it via a shopping service though, as the site is purely in Korean. I can't find any shops selling this product internationally at the moment, but I'll update this post once I do.

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by bntnews for review, but the opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Financial compensation was not received for this post. Please see my full disclaimer for more information.

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