project 365 : days 78 - 84

March 30, 2017

Super late post – this month went from pretty chill to super hectic real quick! I meant to post this earlier but I've been busy doing prep work for blog content. We've also been out and about a lot. We had dinner with friends, went to a local con, and even attended an exhibit opening. Right now I'm actually about to get ready for Aian's digital art workshop at UP Manila today. I realized I haven't done a life lately or photodiary post in ages, so I might do one soon after I'm done with my current lineup of beauty reviews. For now, here's last week's photos + happy list!

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review : RiRe Lip Powder Tint in 03 Sugar Rose

March 24, 2017

RiRe Lip Powder Tint in 03 Sugar Rose |
One of the things that I love about K-beauty is that Korea is always ahead of everyone else in terms of innovation. From cushions to peel-off makeup, there's always a new trend that comes along and gets everyone excited. One such trend is lip powder, a.k.a. powder lipstick. I found out about the lip powder hype about a year and a half ago, and I'd been wanting to try it ever since. And just my luck, because the kind people over at BB Cosmetic sent me the RiRe Lip Powder Tint in 03 Sugar Rose* to try for myself! You've probably seen this product everywhere already, but I thought I'd share with you my thoughts about it anyway! :)

project 365 : days 71 - 77

March 20, 2017

The start of last week is a blur.. I only remember watching Aian and his brother try and assemble his new PC, me sleeping in until late afternoon the next day, and eating pizza and pasta and mojos from Shakey's while Aian re-installs all his programs. We only went outside twice – first was on Wednesday to watch a movie, and the second was on Friday to celebrate Aian's dad's birthday. The rest of the week was spent staying at home. Overall a pretty chill week 👌🏻

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new in : Etude House mini-haul

March 17, 2017

Etude House mini-haul |
It's been a while since I last bought makeup! These days I'm trying my best to cut down on beauty expenses, so I try not to buy anything unless I really need it. My last few beauty-related purchases were mostly just skincare things that needed to be replaced. But last month, I picked up a couple of items from Etude House. We were at ATC at the time, so I thought I'd look inside the Etude House there to check if they had the eyeshadow color that I wanted. And they did, so I ended up buying that plus one other item. Just a super small haul. Let me show you the items that I got! :)

project 365 : days 64 - 70

March 15, 2017

I was feeling really good about March because I had a good head start, but other than that there's only been a handful of bright spots in my month so far. I have a ton of things to work on for this month, so I'm trying my best not to burn myself out. Self-care is my main priority, so I'm trying my best to distance myself from the usual source of emotional stress. *coughFacebookcough* Right now we're getting ready to go out and watch the new Death Note movie (which seems really timely with all that's happening in the country right now.. sigh). I'm personally not a fan of non-canon sequels (the new movie is set years after the events of the manga ended), but this one's actually pretty interesting. I'm hoping it will prove me wrong by actually being good. We'll see!

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YesStyle Beauty Box – Skincare Essentials

March 12, 2017

YesStyle Beauty Box – Skincare Essentials |
Hi everyone, happy Sunday! I'm supposed to put up my 10th project 52 entry today, but I thought I'd show you this first. It's YesStyle's new Skincare Essentials Beauty Box*! It's a skincare-centric beauty box curated for people with normal to combination skin types. (My oily-skinned self is a bit sad about this, but it's okay! I'll try it anyway!) It includes 10 items ranging from full-sized products to deluxe samples. I received the box sometime last month, and have been testing the contents since that time. I've been testing everything for a few weeks now, and today I finally get to review them for you! Is it worth it or not? Let's find out! * u *

#BeBeautifiedByGrace with Grace Cosmetics

March 9, 2017

#beBeautifiedbyGrace with Grace Cosmetics |
Being an Asian beauty enthusiast, I'm no stranger to the concept of natural and cosmeceutical skincare. That is, combining the use of natural ingredients with cosmeceutical technology. And with the recent trends and advancements in skincare, more and more people are turning to natural cosmeceutical skincare brands. Today I'll be introducing to you one such brand—Grace Cosmetics, an all-natural skincare and cosmetics brand that prides itself on products formulated with only the very best natural and botanical ingredients, including certified organic aloe vera. Last month, February 9th, the Australian brand launched Grace Cosmetics Philippines at the Edsa Shangri-la. I had the privilege of being invited to the launch to learn all about their products.

project 365 : days 57 - 63

March 7, 2017

Hey everyone! This post is a few days late again. Lately I've been having a hard time writing my happy lists. I'm super forgetful, so a lot of things that happen over the week tend to slip my mind. Starting today I'll try to write things down on post-its as they happen, so I don't have to rack my brain whenever I make my 52 posts. With that, here's week 9 of 52!

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♡dearmykang♡ care package

March 3, 2017

Hey everyone – happy March! I'm a bit late in welcoming the new month because the last one felt so short! Why does February only have 28 days?? I could have used a couple more days for all the backlog I need to work on.. Anyway. For today's post, I'll be doing another unboxing! (Although you can already see the contents in the photo below, lol.)

dearmykang care package |
This box of goodies is actually a care package / late Christmas gift from my dear friend Kang of Seishun Kakumei ♥ I don't know what possessed her to give me THIS MUCH STUFF but I'm super thankful!! I'll be showing the contents of the box, but I won't be reviewing them right now. I actually still haven't tried any of these yet (other than the Melano CC, which I've been using since last year) since she gave me this last month because I wanted to post about them first, lol. So here we go!
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