Kuala Lumpur, 2016 : part iii

December 29, 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur 2016 | chainyan.co
Finally, we're at the last part of my KL 2016 travel diary! And in ~*~Classic Chai Fashion~*~, of course I'm posting this after we'd already gotten back from this year's KL trip. Of course. But hey, better late than never, right? Right! _(:3」∠)_

Kuala Lumpur, 2016 : part ii

December 12, 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur 2016 | chainyan.co
Hellooo from your resident lazy blogger! Aian and I are leaving for KL the day after tomorrow, and yet I'm still in the middle of writing my KL 2016 posts.... I never learn, sigh _(:3」∠)_ Anyway! Today's post is all about Comic Fiesta, Malaysia's biggest anime, cosplay, and gaming event!

Kuala Lumpur, 2016 : part i

December 5, 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur 2016 | chainyan.co
Aian and I are leaving for Kuala Lumpur again in nine days, and so I thought it was about damn time that I shared photos from last year's trip. Long-time readers of this blog probably already know this, but we've been flying to KL every December since 2013. Why KL? Well, it's become a sort of yearly pilgrimage of ours—flying to KL, attending Comic Fiesta (Malaysia's biggest ACG event), meeting friends we only see once a year, filling our luggage with books from Kinokuniya, and then flying back home. Compared to the first three times that we've been there though, for this particular visit we had a lot more free time. We stayed there for five days—two days for Comic Fiesta, and three days to do whatever we wanted. I'm a "my pace is the best pace" kind of person, so I enjoyed being able to explore the city at our leisure.

October 2017

November 23, 2017

October 2017 photodiary | chainyan.co
Hey there! I'm glad you're still here. Real life has become a bit overwhelming for me this past month, which is why I'm barely ever on social media these days. So thanks for sticking around, I really appreciate it! :) Before the year ends I'll be putting up some photos from our annual Kuala Lumpur trip in 2016 (it always takes me at least a year to go through travel photos, apparently), so that's something to look forward to. For now, let's catch up, shall we? Here are a few life snippets from October~๐ŸŒฟ

digital film

November 16, 2017

digital film - Hujicam | chainyan.co
Some photos taken using the Huji Cam app, just before I switched to Android.

September 2017

October 22, 2017

September 2017 photodiary | chainyan.co
I feel bad for posting these so late, but I've been taking too many photos this month (thanks to Hujicam and my rediscovery of Afterlight) that I can't put my September and October snaps together in one post. I need to always keep my blog post photos at a certain number, or else our slow-ass Philippine internet won't be able to load my site, lol. So for now, here are my photos from September ๐ŸŒฟ

life lately #3

October 3, 2017

life lately | chainyan.co
It's October—my birthmonth! It's been a while since I did a Life Lately post, so I thought I'd do one today! :)

August 2017

September 20, 2017

August 2017 photodiary | chainyan.co
Hellooo, long time no blogpost!✨ It feels a bit strange to not post anything on the blog for more than two weeks, especially since just a few months back I was putting up at least 2-3 entries a day. The reason for not posting anything is because I've recently decided to focus on two things – 1) preparing for the December JLPT, and 2) maintaining a healthy diet and exercising. If I were to compare the two, I'd say the latter is much harder because I'm coming from a super sedentary lifestyle, with 70% of my diet being fastfood and other junk. I'm now eating a lot more veggies. I'm also working out at least 15 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week. Whenever I have time to walk, I walk. My initial motivation was to lose weight, but now I'm focusing on getting stronger. It's super challenging, but I think I'm doing okay.

Today I finally found some time to sit down and write a post, so I thought I'd do a quick one and share some photos I took last August. I'll write a more detailed life update next time. This one is going to be mostly photos of the kids again, but you probably knew that already ;)

review : Althea Petal Velvet Powder

August 31, 2017

Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review | chainyan.co
Back with another K-beauty review, yay! That's two K-beauty posts in a row! As you may already know, Althea Korea, Korea's premier online beauty destination, recently came out with their very own product range! Earlier this month, they released their debut product, the Althea Petal Velvet Powder ๐ŸŒบ I was given the opportunity to try it out before its release, and today I'll be reviewing it for you~~

mid-June to July 2017

August 20, 2017

mid-June to July 2017 photodiary | chainyan.co
mid-June to July 2017 photodiary | chainyan.co

everyday life with seven cats

August 1, 2017

everyday life with seven cats | chainyan.co

product empties #3

July 29, 2017

product empties | chainyan.co
Hellooo everyone, long time no beauty post! I was supposed to do a rundown of my January to June product empties last month, but it kept raining on the days that I planned to take photos, so the post kept getting delayed. I finally managed to take photos of everything last week (it rained right after I finished shooting), so here is my product empties post for the 1st half of 2017!✨

project 365 : days 181 - 199

July 21, 2017

project 365 | chainyan.co

Eiga Sai with friends

July 15, 2017

Eiga Sai with friends | chainyan.co

4x4 Instagram favorites #8

July 8, 2017

project 365 : days 162 - 180

June 30, 2017

project 365 | chainyan.co

๐ŸŒธ Saturdate with Cindy ๐ŸŒธ

June 27, 2017

Saturdate with Cindy | chainyan.co
I met Cindy around two years ago, at the Beyond The Cutest Dreams book launch. We were introduced by Sachi, if I remember correctly! Fast forward to 2016. We've become a bit closer through talking online, over Twitter and such. We found out that we were both from the South, so we often talked about meeting up. But time went by and we didn't get to meet that year at all, lol. This time though, after more than a year, our schedules finally matched so we got to meet up and have our date. We even wore matchy outfits for the occasion ๐Ÿ’•

June 2017, two weeks in

June 16, 2017

June 2017 photodiary | chainyan.co
I recently downloaded two new photo apps—Analog Tokyo and Hipstamatic—so I've become very snap happy these days. (I wish I'd downloaded them earlier, before the rainy season started!) Here's how my June has looked like so far, through my phone.

project 365 : days 141 - 161

June 11, 2017

project 365 | chainyan.co

first impressions : W7 Cosmetics

June 6, 2017

Hey everyone! I know I disappeared for a bit—rainy season started much earlier than usual in this part of the world, and so the sudden change in the weather led to me getting sick for about a week or so. This is why I haven't been able to post anything (other than updates on IG and Twitter). I've been feeling much better these days, so I'm trying my best to catch up on backlog!

W7 Cosmetics | chainyan.co
Today I'll be introducing a new makeup brand on the blog – W7 Cosmetics! W7 Cosmetics isn't actually a new brand per se. This UK drugstore brand has been around since 2002, but I only found out about them sometime last year, while searching for dupes of the Naked 3 (back when I still really wanted one). One of their eyeshadow palettes came up during the search, and so I've had W7 in my "brands to check out in the future" list ever since. A few days ago, I was sent three W7 products by the lovely Chariss of The Makeup House, and so I finally got the chance to try the brand ♥

Club Clio now in Manila

May 29, 2017

Club Clio now in Manila | chainyan.co
Hi everyone! Today I'll be talking about something exciting that recently happened in the local beauty scene—the beloved Korean beauty brand Club Clio is finally in the Philippines!! Last May 17th, there was a small launching party at SEDA Vertis North to introduce Club Clio and the three brands under it. (Thank you x99 for inviting me, Club Clio PH!)

✨shiny shiny new url✨

May 28, 2017

shiny shiny new url | chainyan.co
Hello friends! Welcome to my blog's new home! If you've been following me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, then you already knew about this big change that was coming. But if not....SURPRISE! ๐Ÿ™ˆ

project 365 : days 127 - 140

May 23, 2017

project 365 | chainyan.co

YesStyle Beauty Box – Sweet Spring Makeup Kit

May 17, 2017

YesStyle Beauty Box – Sweet Spring Makeup Box | chainyan.co
If you've been following my blog for a while, you might remember that I previously reviewed the last YesStyle's Skincare Essentials Box*. Sometime last month, they sent me a second one to try—the YesStyle Sweet Spring Makeup Kit*!

project 365 : days 120 - 126

May 11, 2017

project 365 | chainyan.co

✨Kawaii PH Creators Market✨

May 9, 2017

Kawaii PH Creators Market | chainyan.co
Last April 29th, Kawaii Philippines held an arts and crafts bazaar called the Kawaii PH Creators Market at VentureSpace PH in Mandaluyong. Aian and Allysa were selling merch that day, so I tagged along as moral support, since they did the same for me at the Kawaii PH Market. Unlike that time though, I had more freedom to roam the event so I was able to take a ton of photos!✨

project 365 : days 106 - 119

May 6, 2017

project 365 | chainyan.co

skincare diary : April 2017

April 30, 2017

skincare diary | chainyan.co
Hi everyone! Long time no blog post! Things have been quite hectic recently so I haven't been able to post anything. I wasn't even able to post this week's 52 project entry. But I'll have that up soon. Today, I'll be doing another skincare diary post! I meant to do one of these for every month, but I haven't been able to do so, what with all the other blog-related things I needed to do. I'll try my best to do these at least bi-monthly from now on. For now, here's my skincare diary entry for April✨

project 365 : days 99 - 105

April 22, 2017

project 365 | chainyan.co

review : i.Fairy Nobluk Brown Lens

April 16, 2017

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown | chainyan.co
Hi everyone, happy Easter! So sorry for being MIA recently. Since it was the Holy Week, I thought it would be a good idea to take a super short break from blogging. I'm really glad I did, because now I'm feeling a lot more energized and ready to work on new posts! Today I'll be reviewing lenses that I received from the lovely people over at LensVillagei.Fairy Nobluk Brown* ✨

project 365 : days 92 - 99

April 12, 2017

Today's 52 project post only has photos of cats in it. I stayed indoors the whole of last week because of deadlines, and the times I wasn't wracking my brain over what to write were spent watching the kids sleep or do silly things with boxes. But to be honest, this is pretty much all I do during the times I'm not eating, sleeping, or creating blog content. I just sit and watch whatever the seven cats are doing. So you can probably consider this as an "a week in the life" post, haha.

project 365 | chainyan.co

review : Kicho Camelia Sleeping Pack

April 5, 2017

Kicho Camelia Sleeping Pack | chainyan.co
Hi everyone, I'm back with another review for bntnews International! I received my March bntbox in the mail a bit late this time, and because I have a personal rule of testing each item extensively (at least 1-2 weeks) before making a review, my bntbox posts are a bit behind schedule as well. The item that I'll be reviewing today is from a brand that I discovered via the bntgirls program and have come to love since – Kicho! I previously reviewed their Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream* and their Sheep Oil Cream*, both of which have found their places in my current skincare routine. This time, I'll be reviewing Kicho's Camelia Sleeping Pack* ❤

project 365 : days 85 - 91

April 4, 2017

It's summer!! The weeks are passing by too quickly! March is over but things are still pretty hectic. I'll be staying at home for the rest of the week (unlike last week where we were out 3 out of 7 days), but I'll be spending all my time working on K-beauty reviews. I actually need to get a move on with that as my deadline's coming up, so I'll keep this short! Here's last week's photos + happy list!

project 365 | chainyan.co


April 1, 2017

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS | chainyan.cot
Last March 28th, Aian and I went to the opening night of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, a group exhibit featuring an all-female lineup of strong, beautiful, and talented artists, curated by Armaine Yapyuco. Two of our good friends—Chichi and Demi—were included in the artist lineup, so I wanted to drop by and show my support!

project 365 : days 78 - 84

March 30, 2017

Super late post – this month went from pretty chill to super hectic real quick! I meant to post this earlier but I've been busy doing prep work for blog content. We've also been out and about a lot. We had dinner with friends, went to a local con, and even attended an exhibit opening. Right now I'm actually about to get ready for Aian's digital art workshop at UP Manila today. I realized I haven't done a life lately or photodiary post in ages, so I might do one soon after I'm done with my current lineup of beauty reviews. For now, here's last week's photos + happy list!

project 365 | chainyan.co

review : RiRe Lip Powder Tint in 03 Sugar Rose

March 24, 2017

RiRe Lip Powder Tint in 03 Sugar Rose | chainyan.co
One of the things that I love about K-beauty is that Korea is always ahead of everyone else in terms of innovation. From cushions to peel-off makeup, there's always a new trend that comes along and gets everyone excited. One such trend is lip powder, a.k.a. powder lipstick. I found out about the lip powder hype about a year and a half ago, and I'd been wanting to try it ever since. And just my luck, because the kind people over at BB Cosmetic sent me the RiRe Lip Powder Tint in 03 Sugar Rose* to try for myself! You've probably seen this product everywhere already, but I thought I'd share with you my thoughts about it anyway! :)

project 365 : days 71 - 77

March 20, 2017

The start of last week is a blur.. I only remember watching Aian and his brother try and assemble his new PC, me sleeping in until late afternoon the next day, and eating pizza and pasta and mojos from Shakey's while Aian re-installs all his programs. We only went outside twice – first was on Wednesday to watch a movie, and the second was on Friday to celebrate Aian's dad's birthday. The rest of the week was spent staying at home. Overall a pretty chill week ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

project 365 | chainyan.co

new in : Etude House mini-haul

March 17, 2017

Etude House mini-haul | chainyan.co
It's been a while since I last bought makeup! These days I'm trying my best to cut down on beauty expenses, so I try not to buy anything unless I really need it. My last few beauty-related purchases were mostly just skincare things that needed to be replaced. But last month, I picked up a couple of items from Etude House. We were at ATC at the time, so I thought I'd look inside the Etude House there to check if they had the eyeshadow color that I wanted. And they did, so I ended up buying that plus one other item. Just a super small haul. Let me show you the items that I got! :)

project 365 : days 64 - 70

March 15, 2017

I was feeling really good about March because I had a good head start, but other than that there's only been a handful of bright spots in my month so far. I have a ton of things to work on for this month, so I'm trying my best not to burn myself out. Self-care is my main priority, so I'm trying my best to distance myself from the usual source of emotional stress. *coughFacebookcough* Right now we're getting ready to go out and watch the new Death Note movie (which seems really timely with all that's happening in the country right now.. sigh). I'm personally not a fan of non-canon sequels (the new movie is set years after the events of the manga ended), but this one's actually pretty interesting. I'm hoping it will prove me wrong by actually being good. We'll see!

project 365 | chainyan.co

YesStyle Beauty Box – Skincare Essentials

March 12, 2017

YesStyle Beauty Box – Skincare Essentials | chainyan.co
Hi everyone, happy Sunday! I'm supposed to put up my 10th project 52 entry today, but I thought I'd show you this first. It's YesStyle's new Skincare Essentials Beauty Box*! It's a skincare-centric beauty box curated for people with normal to combination skin types. (My oily-skinned self is a bit sad about this, but it's okay! I'll try it anyway!) It includes 10 items ranging from full-sized products to deluxe samples. I received the box sometime last month, and have been testing the contents since that time. I've been testing everything for a few weeks now, and today I finally get to review them for you! Is it worth it or not? Let's find out! * u *

#BeBeautifiedByGrace with Grace Cosmetics

March 9, 2017

#beBeautifiedbyGrace with Grace Cosmetics | chainyan.co
Being an Asian beauty enthusiast, I'm no stranger to the concept of natural and cosmeceutical skincare. That is, combining the use of natural ingredients with cosmeceutical technology. And with the recent trends and advancements in skincare, more and more people are turning to natural cosmeceutical skincare brands. Today I'll be introducing to you one such brand—Grace Cosmetics, an all-natural skincare and cosmetics brand that prides itself on products formulated with only the very best natural and botanical ingredients, including certified organic aloe vera. Last month, February 9th, the Australian brand launched Grace Cosmetics Philippines at the Edsa Shangri-la. I had the privilege of being invited to the launch to learn all about their products.

project 365 : days 57 - 63

March 7, 2017

Hey everyone! This post is a few days late again. Lately I've been having a hard time writing my happy lists. I'm super forgetful, so a lot of things that happen over the week tend to slip my mind. Starting today I'll try to write things down on post-its as they happen, so I don't have to rack my brain whenever I make my 52 posts. With that, here's week 9 of 52!

project 365 | chainyan.co

♡dearmykang♡ care package

March 3, 2017

Hey everyone – happy March! I'm a bit late in welcoming the new month because the last one felt so short! Why does February only have 28 days?? I could have used a couple more days for all the backlog I need to work on.. Anyway. For today's post, I'll be doing another unboxing! (Although you can already see the contents in the photo below, lol.)

dearmykang care package | chainyan.co
This box of goodies is actually a care package / late Christmas gift from my dear friend Kang of Seishun Kakumei ♥ I don't know what possessed her to give me THIS MUCH STUFF but I'm super thankful!! I'll be showing the contents of the box, but I won't be reviewing them right now. I actually still haven't tried any of these yet (other than the Melano CC, which I've been using since last year) since she gave me this last month because I wanted to post about them first, lol. So here we go!

Petcube Play – the next-gen pet camera

February 28, 2017

As someone who works from home, I've become used to having the babycats around me all the time—from the moment I wake up, to when I eat, to when I work, and until I go to bed. It's become such a normal thing to be with them 24/7 that I can't help but miss them every time I leave the house, and even more so whenever I have to be away for two or three days.

Petcube Play | chainyan.co
That's where the Petcube Play comes in! The very kind people over at Petcube sent me one to try out, and of course for our cats to play with! Today I'll be doing an unboxing + review for everyone. If you have a cat or dog, or any pet that you'd like to be able to see while you're away, this is for you! This post is going to be a bit image-heavy, but please do stick around until the end of the post!

project 365 : days 50 - 56

February 26, 2017

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here's this week's 52 post, which marks the 8th week since I started my Project 52! That's two months of not missing a post! *party popper emoji* Although most of my photos so far have all been photos of cats and food, I hope you guys continue to look forward to these posts every week :) And with that, here are this week's photos + happy list!

project 365 | chainyan.co

review : Thelavicos Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask

February 24, 2017

Thelavicos Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask | chainyan.co
Hi everyone, I'm back with another AB review! Some of you might have noticed that today's product is one that I've reviewed before – it's the Thelavicos Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask*. I received a fresh box in my February bntbox from bntnews International, so I decided to test it extensively. I put aside all my other sheet masks and used only this particular sheet mask twice every week for a month. A few things have changed from my initial impressions of this product, so today I'll be re-reviewing it! :)

project 365 : days 43 - 49

February 20, 2017

This week's 52 post is a day late – I was so tired from the Kawaii PH Flea Market that I slept in until late in the afternoon yesterday. And then in the evening I was dragged by Aian to ATC, so I didn't have time to write the post. Anyway, here it is! :)

project 365 | chainyan.co

life lately #2

February 18, 2017

life lately | chainyan.co
Taking a short break from packing my stuff for the Kawaii PH Flea Market, so here's a quick Life Lately post! :)

project 365 : days 36 - 42

February 14, 2017

Some of you might be wondering why this week's 52 post came a bit later than usual. As you know, I make it a point to post these every Sunday. The reason for not being able to this week, is because I've been a bit depressed following the events of last week. If you read my last 52 post, you might remember I posted a photo of one of the strays we've been feeding who recently became a momma cat. I mentioned how there used to be three kittens, but one of them disappeared. We could only assume that the kitty already died. Last week, the other two passed away as well. I blame myself for not being able to do more for them. I've been so troubled over this these past few days that it was hard for me to make a happy list. Had this tragedy not happened, number one on the list would have been "being visited by cute strays". But well.. real life happened. It's very unfortunate, but I can only wish they're in a better place now. I'm able to think a little bit more clearly now, so I managed to write this post today.

project 365 | chainyan.co
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